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  1. Spr ay starch on them after you take them out of the dryer shake gently and hang them up.
  2. Does anyone know how 61 south coming into Dallas is?
  3. I was bit by a snake when I was pregnant with my son. No wonder he's so mean.. Lol.
  4. I found a snake skin in the basement by the laundry room.. It was huge!! The skin looked like that of a rat snake, so i just left it be,not even looking for it. I figure as long as he is in there I won't have any mice.
  5. Check out the time frame 33:16. This is the story I was talking about.
  6. Verifiable Evidence is the name of the movie.
  7. http://dallas-hiram.patch.com/groups/arts-and-entertainment/p/paulding-paranormal-to-premiere-new-movie-haunted-houses
  8. They have a part 2 due out in Oct. I will see that one as well..
  9. It might have been an evil spirit that manifested itself to look like her dad..
  10. The house I lived in was on Buchanan Hwy. It wasn't an old house but the land must have been farm land at one time because I had a spirit that looked like he was a farmer. The last night I slept in the house I was held down by something.. I could not move!! I thought I might have been dreaming, but when it happened again 5 minutes later knowing I was awake, I got so angry knowing that what ever it was could do something like that. I was able to say The blood of Christ prevails against you satan! And whatever it was let me go. That was the last night I stayed that house. My husband said that it
  11. The last house I lived in was haunted. I seen,heard and felt a lot of things, it was so bad that I did call Paulding Paranormal Society (PPS) to come out and see what they could find out. That is when I found out that I not only had 1 spirit but there were several. One was a lady that I knew in school, she had been killed in a car wreck not far from the house. It was sad hearing her cry for her babies and wanting to tell them she loved them and her husband. As a matter of fact the EVP clip is in their movie that premiered last Oct.. Very interesting.
  12. There is no reason for any kid to go hungry while at school.. I worked at HHS for 7 yrs and I will tell you that at the end of the day they throw enough food away It could have fed all those kids that didn't have the $$.. and then some. No reason should they have to eat a sack lunch that most of the time doesn't have the nutrition that it should.
  13. Get in touch with Ann Pennebaker. I don't know if she is a member her,but I do know that she has a face book page. She has a 12 step outpatient program that is christian based that helps alot of teens and adults with addiction. She is in downtown Dallas and has nightly meetings. She and her husband George do a wonderful job with helping people.
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