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  1. Tiger Mama

    Johnny J

    Yes. My sister did . I will let her know... RIP JohnnyJ. I am thankful to have known you if only for a while ...
  2. This is so sad to hear. I did her hair for several years... breaks my heart...
  3. Need a recommendation in the Paulding area!! Bad toothache!!
  4. I will be going out from Monday November 21st until Saturday November 26th to be with my family for Thanksgiving . If you need your hair done call, text or message for an appointment! I will be working Thursday, Friday and Saturday to get everyone in before the holiday!! Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!!
  5. Will text once I get on the treadmill!
  6. Thank you! From what I'm reading let me ask...Are you wanting to just perm the top? And cut into shorter layers? You are more than welcome to schedule a free consultation to determine exactly the look you want and that way I can see and feel the texture and density of your hair as well.
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