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  1. Sort of guessed that but wasn't completely sure been coming around as a guest instead of logging in and couldn't really find a reason behind it! Thanks
  2. Ok so I am just curious because I have seen it in several posts now that they are tired of the "rumors" behind Fred's closing in Dallas... But it really did close...years ago and it is now FOlklore Haunted House...So is there another Fred's in Dallas? Because I have yet to see it! Just saying..
  3. wow I caused it to go quiet on here... I think that is a PCOM first for me...
  4. I started to comment on this but decided it would be best not to seeing how I know the former commissioner. So I will be polite about the rude comments because I do not want to cause problems.
  5. No it was just annoying because every time I get one there always 1 just 1 in every post I go into. I don't know I just find it weird...was not going to stop posting.
  6. I posted something I was concerned about and some people started trouble and it got closed..
  7. Everytime I go into any of the forums, there is 1 anonymous person following me. This happens every single time I am on here. Why is this happening? Am I being followed because of my last post? Oh and if you are going to chew me out for asking this just leave my post.
  8. Thank you all.. I had a run in with some people for being concerned on here before.. and I have actually met a couple of people who just love to start trouble. No it was NOT your post!
  9. ok sorry for the confusion. Prayers for the family
  10. Is this the Mr. Rackley that was a substitute teacher at East Paulding High School a lot? Prayers said for the family.
  11. Rest In Peace Jonathan.. You Will Be Missed You were so close to me... I'm going to miss you
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