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  1. Elementary wasn't a problem but Middle and High School was, I was sliding all over the place. We were put in a bad situation yesterday, I have never been as scared as I was yesterday. We were told Thursday to be on stand by for Friday, we were ready to go. They could have let us out at Lunch time and been counted as all day. At 5pm yesterday they still had buses on the road or stuck with kids on them...WHAT WAS THE BOARD THINKING YESTERDAY???
  2. I like fatbacks but everytime we go and order food it is always we are out of this or out of that. I always go around five in the afternoon so what would be the problem.
  3. Prayers said for his family and friends, and I know Dianne was there with open arms for him and her big smile.
  4. Was he at Kennestone Hospital? I have a loved one in the hospital at ICU and a 18 year old pass away on Thursday, while we where there. Even if it isn't the same one my prayers go out to all the family members that has lost a loved one this week. We have seen alot in ICU. God be with them.
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