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    ***** FREE MASK's While Supplies Last! Here is how to get your FREE Mask... PLEASE Post in this TOPIC. 1. Name 2.Mailing Address 3.Telephone 4.email address so we can SNAIL Mail the Face Covering to you.
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    Are people really wearing mask anymore?? if so I have a few that I want to give away. these things are top notch hand made.. LET ME KNOW ?
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    I am thinking about hanging Sheetrock in the ceiling of my 24x20 storage building. Anybody got any recommendations for someone who does that kind of work? Please let me know. Thank you
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    A guest came by and asked how one might order this item. You don't have to order it, you can go by A &M and buy it. They are in the business park just west of the hospital and if you're coming from Hiram, you'll have to go up to the next intersection on 278 at Palisades SD and make a U-e to get there. Need an address? Click on A&M's 'logo-image' anchoring the post and it will take you to a profile page where their address and phone number are immediately available. Hope that helps
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    The rich beauty of the Woodbury collection is perfect to create a cozy getaway outside your very own home. The Woodbury Patio Coffee Table has an aluminum slat top and comes in picnic inspired, faux wood. This a perfect accessory to any of the Woodbury pieces, and captures the beauty and rustic warmth of the Collection. Rust resistant aluminum framing All weather aluminum slat top table in a rectangular shape Powder coated frame prevents scratching Perfect accessory to any woodbury item Perfect table height to fix next to the coordinating chairs Weather resistant and durable Wash with mild soap and water and air dry Retail Price: $139.00 Our Price: $69.99
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    Thanks to both of you! CC hope you are doing well my friend!
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    Keith Mitchell- 770-364-4403 The best. I don't know how busy he is though.
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    Welcome 2 Paulding County Georgia BROOKE! CARING CARDINALS Caped
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    wow Read the story BELOW in a calm setting. Then LOOK at the Picture through Your HEART I know.......PRICELESS! wow
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    just an update --- they seem to be from a local company "flock safety" that began selling tag readers to HOA and subdivisions. More recently, they have Cobb PD, Dekalb, and others around metro atlanta as customers too https://www.flocksafety.com/
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    From the location that I've seen them, they look like they are replacing the cables across the road method for traffic monitoring and surveys. I haven't seen a cable counting system in quite a while.
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    That’s pretty good for a Dirt Devil!!
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    I was typing in the word sure (I forget what I was searching for) and guess what popped up? SurePip, yes it most certainly did! Maybe this was a sign of him thinking about us! R.I.P. SUREPIP, R.I.P.
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    Well no doubt the answer you will get is crime suppression, at least from anyone in authority. If the threat of incarceration does not deter crtime, I am pretty sure big brother won't.
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    Please Help "US" Save a Paulding County Neighbor's LIFE! Please, if you live in Paulding County Georgia PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Spread the WORD! We currently have a "Wrecked Display" @ Hw. 92 & Antioch Rd in Dallas Georgia. Here Is the LINK from the story 16 Years ago that started it all. ENJOY! We need 4 more LOCATIONS in Paulding County to erect other Displays... can you POST where you believe one of these displays would benefit fellow Paulding Countians! Blessings to ALL who read this and PLEASE, PLEASE take the time to SPREAD the WORD! Here are some more pictures of the 2020 Wrecked display being erected to save a fellow Paulding County Neighbors life campaign!
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    I would support a program to move people out of the county. Quality of life should not be measured by your tax bill or pocketbook. Tax rates could go down if we were not supporting all these school needs brought on by higher population. Most of the main roads are state maintained anyway and I won't even try to act like police and fire are up to par regardless of tax rates. We do have an empty airport in the middle of the woods though. I am a small businessman and I personally see no advantage to more people. JMO.
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