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    Welcome To paulding.com You are more than Welcome to utilize this site. We will spread the word. If you have a Resume, either send us a pdf of it or take a picture or post it yourself, we will make sure it get's the exposure you deserve. Blessings to you and your family and I Pray you all are Healthy and Safe Caped
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    I was talking to a couple of friends today and we were trying to come up with some questions that would be challenging but not too difficult for the likes of Google so we can give away some FREE Merch!!! Anyway this movie came about in the conversation as the topic of this post was the quote we were going to use .... Anyway this was an awesome movie anybody ever watch it and which version do you like the best
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    I know there are some password protected threads but geese, can’t even see the topic or even the name of the forum? I can understand not being able to “open” them but, Nothing? The password I was given, doesn’t work. Oh well. I was just curious!!
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    Yes, MINE DOUBLED!!!!!!! I called, and the nice Lady @ 770-222-6868 walked me through what to do... when EVERYONE is OUT of your home... go look @ the METER and the last NUMBER on the right if it is MOVING.... then you have a LEAK on your side. According to the Nice Lady at the Paulding county water Dept.
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    Sorry, I shouldn't have eaten that.
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    There were no Nixle’s at that time so it was probably dynamiting of the underground tunnels from Dobbins air force base. I hope it was nothing serious though if you do a little investigating and find out let us know please. We hope you and your family are all doing well during this time and are healthy
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    My opinion for what it is worth: the default page when the site loads should be https://paulding.com/forum/forums/ instead of https://paulding.com/forum. This would go directly to the list of forums instead of requiring either clicking for new topics or clicking on the forums link at the top. And I still think many of the banners and images are way too large and make the site look old and outdated. Other than that, it's great!
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    Looks like Dave's is no more. Got a new sign up V.C.M. Chicago Spot and it said something about central american food on the sign. Anybody know anything about it?
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    Hey, So I'm new to this site, I'm not completely sure how to use it yet lol so please excuse me for any errors I may make. So I've lived in Paulding my entire 24 years of life, in Hiram. Last year I had a baby (who is now 5 months old) and, due to maternity leave, plus COVID19, I lost employment. I know things are just now opening back up, and honestly, I'm scared to get back out there, and risk bringing anything home to my daughter. But I'm in desperate need of employment. Unfortunately, everything I have applied to, has been a dead end. I either hear nothing back from the potential employers, or I get the typical "unfortunately, we are not able to offer you a position at this time." (I have been applying since I was cleared to return to business as usual by my doctor in February.) If anyone can point me in the right direction, I have years of experience in sales, but I am willing to pursue employment in new fields, if that is where life takes me, granted there is an employer willing to take on someone with no experience in the field. Thank you in advance!
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    iluvmygeek is offering any tech class or advice you may need for absolutely free!! That's right folks, if you need any advice or any assistance with technology during this crisis, we will go out of our way to help. PLEASE let us know if you need anything techy wise, and we will respond asap. 678-310-5136. You can text or call that number, or reach us at iluvmygeek.com. Please let us assist if needed!! Love you all!!
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    That is so funny. But we have to remember, he WAS crazy. Lol
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    I saw this on Facebook with the comments "If you know, you know" and "everybody wont get it." I didn't get it. When I Googled Van Gogh, I found out that he cut off his left ear.
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    my husband tried it, a little over priced for me... and yes they have grilled items...
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    Have heard from a couple of different people who liked the food.
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    I had the Italian Beef Sandwich and I loved it.
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