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    If the county is giving the choice of the kids doing virtual learning or in person learning then there should not be a waiting list for the virtual learning. Maybe since there is a waiting list that goes to show the school system that most parents are not agreeing with them to send the children back into the schools at this time. Most all other of the counties around us is using their heads for the safety of the kids by using the virtual learning while the numbers of the corona virus is still on the rise. It seems that it would make more since to do the virtual learning with the number of the virus still going up for the safety of the children!!!!
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    Hi everyone! It has been quite awhile since I posted anything but when I realized this I just couldn't help bringing this up and maybe starting a little non--offensive fun. Who remembers all of the discussions on P.com about the Paulding Tunnels? My wife and I were watching the TV show Stargirl because of the local ties and I realized that the Paulding Tunnels are a main feature. It's obvious that the directors and producers of the show found out about the extensive tunnel network under Dallas and Paulding. It looks like there is an entrance somewhere in the basement of the courthouse and a lot of others scattered throughout the area.The bad guys are always going down there to meet up. Has anyone else watched and noticed this?
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    duh; you're the one in Vegas
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    Please keep this on the Front page so that everyone has the opportunity to see it and hopefully be able to partake in this distribution!!! Be Safe Everyone and Have A Blessed Evening!!
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    I can't stand a thief!!!! If that was a Ring Doorbell, they will replace it from what I read in our paperwork!!
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    Here's a screen capture from the CW series Stargirl. Does anyone know what time it is?
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    Hello All, I need help from anyone who can help get a cat out of tree. He is about 10-15 feet up in a small poplar tree crying his heart out. I am at 43 Bethnal Way Douglasville off Ridge rd 404-271-7945. . Animal control does not have the equipment. This is not my cat but hate to see an animal suffer Kudos to Image Pro signs in Dallas, called explained what going on and they come out no charge and got the kitty out of the tree with the sign truck. Thanks so Much Image Pro signs Mike Thanks
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    Yes they have BINGO on Monday's and Thursday's @ 7:30
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