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We’re good so far and we don’t plan on getting it, either!! As is no one does but,  I try to wear a mask while I’m out and I do have gloves if needed! Hubby tries to stay away from everyone!! If we need something from the store, he’ll drive and drop me off at the front door. I’ll just run in and get what we need and he’ll pick me up at the front door. If we need something from Sam’s, he may come inside with me. But, we stay home otherwise. We still have Dr appts to go to and that’s a must. One of my Dr’s is doing what they called a “Web Cast” call. It’s kinda like a FaceTime call. But, can’t do that for my allergy shots. I can’t go without them, either!! Stay Safe Folks!! Practice Social Distancing and try to stay home as much as possible!!!!

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We had to go to pick up our meds at the pharmacy inside Ingles.  I have been looking high and low for our thermometer and for the life of me couldn’t find either of them.  So I decided to try and find one.  The pharmacist said they are flying off the shelves as soon as they get them.  I found 4 of them in the baby section!   Don’t worry...... I only bought one.   Nobody even gave me a second look as I tucked my big container of wipes under my arm and was wiping everything down.  

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