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  1. That is so funny. But we have to remember, he WAS crazy. Lol
  2. What structure got burned last night south of Hiram Sudie on 61?
  3. Just saw there was a structure fire south of Hiram Sudie road on 61. Does anybody know what it was? I’m thinking Merles but that’s just a place that came to mind this early on the morning.
  4. Too sad that anybody is dying from this pandemic. I told hubby today I would have never thought I would see the day that America would be held hostage to something like this! Let’s just stay in place til this is over! And it will be and in the meantime, we need to be kind to each other, pray for each other and not listen to negative statements about the job that the Administration is doing. They are all tired and working hard to get us through this thing! Stepping off my soapbox....
  5. We only pray that everyone’s parents don’t fall prey to some slick talking telemarketer or scam artist. Just a good thing to think about —- if you don’t recognize the telephone number, don’t answer the phone! If it’s a legitimate call, they will leave a message.
  6. Am I allowed to mention a service? It’s Waste Industries. I went on their website and there was a statement saying that their service pickups were not being impacted by this virus. I don’t even know if the dump is open!
  7. We had to go to pick up our meds at the pharmacy inside Ingles. I have been looking high and low for our thermometer and for the life of me couldn’t find either of them. So I decided to try and find one. The pharmacist said they are flying off the shelves as soon as they get them. I found 4 of them in the baby section! Don’t worry...... I only bought one. Nobody even gave me a second look as I tucked my big container of wipes under my arm and was wiping everything down.
  8. Has anybody besides the folks on Waters Road having trouble with their pickups. Our trash bin has been sitting at the road for over a week.
  9. Not funny, but I’m surprised that he didn’t grow a curly tail. I swear that my grandchildren ate so many chicken nuggets that they got bigger and heavier because of the hormones that chickens are given.
  10. Parents have no idea their kids are vaping! The flavored stuff is scary. There are so many things wrong with vaping! And on another note, WHY is there advertising for vapes and not cigarettes? Those were banned years ago. Why not the vaping products? They have nicotine.
  11. I hate thieves! Somebody walked into my yard and took my #OURcurrentPRESIDENT sign! I had put it in the middle of my yard so they had to walk into my yard to get it! I understand a lot of the signs are disappearing up and down Ridge Road. I think I’m going to put up my own sign and it will say: “HEY THIEF! You stole my sign but not my vote.” Did I already say how much I hate thieves?
  12. Stay away from Walmart in Hiram. Traffic accident. So what else is news????
  13. Are you going and do you ride the attractions? Are you afraid to ride them?
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