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Paulding County Georgia...Building Permits PLUNGE in 2019!?!?!?

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I thought this was interesting...


Builders' added development costs in 2019 led to drop in new residential construction in Paulding!


More Information



2019: 1,348, $136.2 million

2018: 1,535, $164.6 million

2017: 1,503, $154.8 million

2016: 1,240, $128 million

2015: 909, $97.5 million

2014: 860, $90.9 million

2013: 464, $51.1 million

2012: 124, $13.1 million

2011: 132, $12.9 million

Source: Paulding County Community Development


2018: 161, $28.5 million

2017: 194, $36.2 million

2016: 108, $16.6 million

2015: 51, $7.4 million

2014: 51, $5.6 million

Source: City of Dallas


An aftershock of the Great Recession is affecting Paulding County’s economy almost a decade later.

Some homebuilders in Paulding were increasingly being forced in 2019 to add development costs to the sales price to make the same amount of profit as they previously received — which likely increased the price to the buyer.

Builders generally had pre-developed building sites available since the economic downturn of the early 2010s but have mostly built on them, said city and county government building officials.



LINK to the Complete Article


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As well, most of the cheap develop able land is gone.  

It's a natural order of business, growth cannot continue forever.  You run out of good places to put homes.   Roads can't keep up.  

Next big boom will be in roof, A/C and Water Heater replacements as all those crackerjack box homes put up with "builder's grade" equipment in the last 15 years begins to fail. 

School system can use the break, that 1300 homes is over 1300 kids on average added to the school system every year.  $$$ for new schools. 

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