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Help "US" pick a Recipient to Give $100.00 to!!!


We would like to ask ALL of YOU who are able to read this.


We Are Paulding.com LLC/Paulding.com

is ROBIN HOODING (Giving Away Paying it Forward):wub:

to some LUCKY Paulding County Resident/Organization

$100.00 :yahoo: for the Month of December 2019!!!!:good:



Please take a moment and add your  candidate in this thread before December 31, 2019.

So we can VOTE by POLL on January 1st 2020  to see who the LUCKY Recipient is! :drinks:


**** Definition of ROBIN HOODING... Giving from the HEART no Questions Asked! ❤️


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3 hours ago, Marshagail said:

How does someone enter to be considered for the $100 giveaway? Thank you.


Just POST in this Thread who you would like to give the Paulding.com Monthly Give back to.

(the more info you can give... the better your chances to win... as people will VOTE based on what you post)


at the end of each month... the REGISTERED members will VOTE By POLL here on Paulding.com for the entrants.


The entrants with the most votes wins the Monthly Pay it Forward.

Caped :hi:


ps. WELCOME!!!  and Please Spread the WORD! :wub:

pss. It's Early... if you need further assistance call or text 770-833-2175 Cell/text as we have a COMMUNITY of Resources!


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