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  2. If you own a local business or are involved in a civic Organization that is located in Paulding County Georgia. You really need to pay attention to this today is January 9, 2020 On the local website called Paulding.com Yvonne banks spoke of the dragstrip and pulled up part of history yesterday January 8, 2020. When I read this on January 9th @ 3:05 PM, I was curious so I googled the Paulding dragstrip -Dallas Georgia LOOK What it pulled up from yesterday absolutely amazing!!!! The analytics of where we RANK on the SUPER INFORMATION HIGHWAY is PRICELESS This is why if you own a Paulding county Georgia business, Run a civic organization or any local group you would want to you would want to talk about it and share it here! If you have any questions on how to navigate the NEW Paulding.com call or text us @ 770-833-2175 cell/text We will do our BEST to help you IMMEDIATELY or You can hit the SUPPORT Tab at the top of the page and someone will get back to you ASAP via the method you choose. Please leave that contact in the support ticket. Thank You
  3. went by today to speak with the Paulding County Republicans @ what we thought was their Local Office. It would appear to have their LOGO but no other info like, hours, phone number etc... There was a person in the parking told us they were in the process of moving. I'm having a hard time understanding, how any GROUP can say that they are for the PEOPLE and they make it DIFFICULT to contact them??????? You must have telekinetic powers to reach this office. I wish ALL individuals that say they are for the People of Paulding their actions would reflect. just sayin.... the Picture of their Storefront speaks a 1000 Words... IMHO The Number for Jason Thompson is 404-664-4626 I am going to reach out to him and invite him to use this venue to correspond with Paulding Republicans
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  7. For Immediate Release 12.19.2019 Dateline; Dallas, Georgia North Paulding networking and Paulding.com Act of Christmas spirit unites local organizations! This past summer nine local business owners got together with a desire to better their community. And deciding how to most positively impact the area, they formed We Are Paulding.com and purchased the website “Paulding.com” as a platform to promote Goodwill and grow their businesses. 12 years ago a group of dedicated business owners started meeting every week to build relationships and established a positive force in Paulding county Georgia. North Paulding networking is one of the oldest continuous running businesses networking groups in the county as well as Paulding.com is the oldest hyper local news media outlet in Paulding County Georgia. In and inspired active cooperation these two organizations paths crossed. Paulding.com came to the Wednesday meeting December 12 2019, looking to promote their site and sell banner ads to the businesses. North Paulding networking is a community minded organization looking for a cause. What happened next is history! Jim Lubbe brought a story to the table that day about a young father of three who lost everything in a fire and would have no Christmas for his children. “ in the spirit of elevating our community for all - our families live as well as for our businesses - we decided to use this positive momentum to really make a difference” Robin Stern - The Team of Nine 12 banner ads (for the 12 days of Christmas) sold in less than 90 minutes with 50% of the total sales going to a family in need. $600.00 for three little boys to have a Christmas, and a dad to be able to provide it! Antonio Lewis shown with donation check presented by I love my geek at the weekly North Paulding networking meeting at rodney‘s restaurant Along with members of the other Paulding County businesses that made this happen. North Paulding networking is an informal Grassroots networking group that meets every Wednesday at 8 AM at Rodneys barbecue in Dallas Georgia. www.northpauldingnetworking.com Paulding.com is a local information website promoting family values and Paulding County businesses since the early 1990’s For any more information please contact Robin Stern with iluvmygeek @ 678-685-9759 NorthPaulding Video.mp4 Have a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS! #Team0f9
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