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just finished new pattern hat/scarf

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first one to call dibs gets it free :D


everytime I try out a new pattern I like to give the first one away. I did not make this for anyone in mind and the way it came out I think it will fit a child from maybe 2-8 depending on their size. (it fits my 3 yr old who is big and my 11 yr old who is small)


It is a green in a soft yarn. I can sell these sets in any size/color and depending on yarn this set will sell for $15.


edited bc my pregnant butt forgot to add pics :rofl:



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Hey, you do good work! Are you a member on Ravelry? I am addicted. I cannot sleep until I check for new crochet patterns. :ninja:

ive never heard of that site. . . . but last thing I need is antoher site to be addicted to lol



I have found a new challenge for you. It's a sock monkey hat. It was sooooooo cute. I'll try to get you a picture, if not, I'll give you the web address.


Ok sounds good :)


I would call dibs, this group is beautiful...... such talent.... a very good pattern. Wonderful work.


well thank you :) It really is a great pattern but always so hard to tell in the pictures. Im going to make this hat for myself :-) lol

That is so cute and I love the color..


It is such a great color. I love green but some greens are just to much. lol

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