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Attorney Linda Capps (Thompson) Abrams

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Attorney Linda Diane Capps, (formerly Thompson) Abrams-Dressel passed away May 10, 2009, in St. Petersburg, Florida. She was born April 26, 1953 in Atlanta, Georgia. She is preceded in death by her parents, Kermit Dean Capps, and Rosella Mae Clayton Capps-Gehman, and her sister in law, Deborah Lynn Capps. She is survived by her husband, Jan Dressel, sons, John & David Thompson (Indianapolis, IN), Jimmy Thompson (New Port Lucie, FL) brothers, Stephen Capps, Sr., Douglas Capps, (both of Elkins, West Virginia) Lawrence (Laura)Capps, of Hiram, Georgia, and sister, Annette C. (John) Nokes, Dallas, GA. Several nieces and nephews.


As many of you know Linda had a gastric bypass some 12 years ago at Duke University, before the procedure was perfected. She suffered from reflux that ate away her esophagus and had to have reconstructive surgery of her stomach and esophagus using portions of her lower intestine to rebuild her esophagus. She lost so much of her smaller intestine that she could no longer digest the nutrients needed to thrive. She had to have bi weekly IV therapy at the VA to keep nutrients going into her body. This was not enough for her to live. She was slowly starving to death. The effects to her body were devastating. Her weight plummeted to 90 lbs on her 5'6" frame, her lumbar vertebrae literally collapsed and splintered. She was in a great deal of pain. She unfortunately overdosed on her pain medication late Saturday night/early Sunday and passed away. She was discovered by her neighbor who'd stopped by to check on her.


At Linda's request, we will not hold a formal funeral. She was cremated yesterday and her husband Jan will be spreading her ashes into the gulf as per her wishes. Our family has gathered privately to remember her in prayer.


Linda was an Army veteran and a controversial attorney. After the federal raid on Ruby Ridge, Linda formed the American Justice Federation in Indianapolis, IN. She was one of the first attorneys to drive to Waco and offer to represent David Koresh before he and the others in their compound passed away. She was the first to call out the feds and Janet Reno on the senseless killings at Waco. She produced the videos "Waco The Big Lie" and "America Under Siege". She was persecuted and ridiculed for years, until later all her accusations were proven true by the mainstream media. Her legal career ended way too early due to her medical issues. She was a fierce advocate for many.





I am proud to call her my big sister, my friend and zealous defender of the underdog.


Floreat majestas, REST IN GRACE MY SISTER.


Please lift our family up in prayer.





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