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Trump won ... how do we survive and win?




The plain fact is that trump won using the rules - the rigged rules which are rigged in favor of rural states and voters - and he is our president.


What we need to do is give the guy a chance as he likely is not as bad as his VP.


Indeed, I have to give trump kudoos on his choice of VP because Pence, while he has some Washington experience, is among the most regressive and intolerant of the Republicans. Hell, he was headed for near certain defeat in his quest for re-election in Indiana because of his neanderthal attitudes. The point being is that Trump, despite all his blather, is probably more aligned with the Democrats on things like social security and even health care than Pence, whose by word in policy is, like most ubber-conservatives, out to truly magnify misery. (For a deeper understanding of Pence, remember he entered the public arena as right-wing radio talk show host.)


The point is that he is probably a lot more dangerous if elevated to the white house than even trump and his genius was that he chose possibly the most rabid right winger he could as his VP meaning that only a dumb, dumb democrat would trade him for Pence.


That said, Trump is likely, if he decides to assert himself to 'attain big things' ... you got to know that he wants a bunch of stuff named after him like airports, bridges, even health care systems (trumpcare) ... he is going to be at odds with the rabid-right wing congress.


And, if he gets in trouble with his 'conflicts of interest' with his kids, the republican congress will probably want to impeach him more than will the Democrats ... and his ace in the hole is that the Democrats may balk at removing him - in essence defending him - because Pence is the last person the Democrats want in the whitehouse.


Bottom line ... we need to accept Trump because his gut level interest - doing big things he can put his name on - is at odds with the small government dominated congressional Republicans.


My advice for Democrats is to accept the election because he won under the rules and be more directed in our opposition - i.e. we need to choose our battles with this administration carefully. Just protesting his victory is understandable ... but needs to end sooner than later.






Source: A Family Affair.


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A hundred plus days later, Pubby is on to something. Captain Queeg has lost his strawberries (Wouk,Herman - The Caine Mutiny). Hmm,perhaps we might all need medication. Let's see what Trumpcare will bring us that hasn't been plagiarized from the Affordable Care Act.

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