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  1. According to reports and an article posted on Rollingout.com, (http://rollingout.com/2017/03/13/trump-fires-us-attorney-may-investigating-administration/) " President Donald Trump asked for the resignations of 46 US Attorneys in the Justice Department. The news came on Friday at the end of the working day and shocked many members of the Justice Department. It is normal for presidents to replace attorney generals from prior administrations, but the timing of the move has some questioning whether this is an attempt to cause disarray over possible investigations of the Trump administration and as
  2. Pubby is not attempting to redefine anything. Objectivity requires appropriate use of a standard lexicon void of pathos and a degree of ethos inherent in "real journalism." It is very unlike the pathos infused replies of individuals that pander to the intellectually and objectively challenged.
  3. A hundred plus days later, Pubby is on to something. Captain Queeg has lost his strawberries (Wouk,Herman - The Caine Mutiny). Hmm,perhaps we might all need medication. Let's see what Trumpcare will bring us that hasn't been plagiarized from the Affordable Care Act.
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