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  1. Paulding needs to install a traffic light at Friendship Church Road and Ridge Road. It's a major outlet for SPHS and when school lets out it only takes one person trying to make a left turn to back traffic up a half mile. Same for after sports events. Cheaper alternatives might be to make it a three way stop, or specify no left turns. Something needs to be done there.
  2. I fully support legalization. It's a plant. People are in prison over a plant.
  3. Dolly Parton is as good as a person can be. Besides being talented in countless ways.
  4. Well said. Recognizing a woman's right to choice and funding that choice with tax dollars are very different issues. Just because the second amendment protects our right to keep and bear arms doesn't mean the government should buy everyone guns.
  5. Garner World Travel - Hiram (770) 222-4412
  6. No reason we shouldn't look to Forbes as a great prognosticator. I mean they totally predicted the primaries and then the election right? The MSM has been exposed as biased liars. Take what you read there with a few thousand grains of salt.
  7. Gee. American jobs. Imagine that. I'll be happy to pay more for MADE IN USA
  8. Completely irrelevant to the topic at hand. You should go start a thread about that.
  9. Hypothetical - The US was playing dirty pool in Libya. Ambassador Stevens had the goods and wasn't playing along. They withdrew support and allowed him to be eliminated. Not hypothetical - Then blamed his death on Islam intolerance here in the US. Not hypothetical - Shortly thereafter a code red alert was issued for consulates and embassies in the entire broad region, which by protocol generates wholesale shredding of documents and destruction of hard drives. Hmmmm. I guess we'll never know the truth about Benghazi. Except that Hillary lied about it. So yeah be very skeptical ab
  10. Disappeared around election day. Probably threw his computer through his TV screen .. Living off the grid now..
  11. I couldn't agree with you more on approaching things with skepticism. Lots of bad info out there on both sides.
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