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The best 11 minutes and 11 seconds of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart ever



Tuesday night, after two weeks off, I happened to Catch Jon Stewart's return to the Daily Show comedy news.


He opened with the funniest, hardest hitting, self-deprecating video editorial in my memory. My jaw was agape.


Here it is in three installments. Watch one, watch the second and watch the third and you'll know how silly the polarizing language used by today's 'dividers' is ...



This was enough for the first installment but you've got to keep going. This next segment is continues where the one above ends ...



Why they put this into three segments on the web, I don't know ... it is most effectively a totality of sillyfying prose.



And there you have it ... a complete and utter udder of political milk as sprayed with the cream coming to the top only when you view the three sections in sequence.


The truth can get no funnier.



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