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48 Hour Guerrilla Movie Contest ... coming up May 18, 19, 20.



I'm listening to a podcast involving some of the judges for the 48 hour guerrilla film contest ...


Here are some pearls:


Everybody has a weekend, you may as well be making a movie.


99 percent of the people just talk about it, just get it done is a huge accomplishment


we shouldn't make a movie about a movie. make a movie about a character.


Not action for the sake of action . no drug deal gone bad movies.


do something we can do well.


Sound is important. do some foley work. Sound is the biggest thing

preparation ...


get some ideas ready. get some lights ready ... maximize the preparation time as much as possible.


Setting a time table on scripting, shooting ...


talent actors are often crew. time sensitive nature ... watch out for tempers.


keep your actors happy.


TOp films will be shown in the Alamo film house in Austin Texas.





I'm actually thinking of scenarios and production capabilities.


for instance, we have the resource of the Pcom studio which could give us some controlled locations good for shooting dialog.


I also have the cameras.


what I need at this point are some people to do some specific jobs.


A sound engineer/(foley) who can maybe mix some music or even compose a score would be nice. (very simple and you can probably get by using public domain music/loops ... I've got a source)


At least two additional folks to run some cameras.


A continuity person ... needs to be very detail oriented ...


I already have possibly a couple of male actors but will likely need a female, two or three.


The main thing on the actors is that we will likely have to adapt the script and knowledge of what we can do to them and their talents.


We could also probably use some teens and maybe some kids - 8-12 - although at this point whether any or all of them will have a part or not I can't promise.


I'll also probably post this as a post as well as this blog entry.




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