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  1. Disney Registration is full! It took less than 4 hours Keep your eyes peeled for our April work party, which will also be a "Give a day-Get a Day" with about 250 slots provided fro the Disney program. Ya'll get registered!
  2. Who: All are welcome and encouraged to attend! What: Building Natural Surface Trails - Hand Built Single Track Why: To build sustainable, natural surface trails within this community Where:Austells Threadmill MTB Park We are parking here. When:2/27/2010 0930 - 1430 We are introducing Disney's "Give a Day - Get a Day" program at this work party. We ask that anyone intending on attending this work party go to this website and create a profile. After that look up this job and register. Then all you have to do is volunteer your time and we do the rest. You'll receive a voucher for 1 day at Disney. We're asking that everyone wear long pants, sturdy shoes and wear some type of hat. Please bring plenty of water and snacks as well as sun screen.
  3. GBI Sex Offenders Page GBI Crime Stats Page These are two handy links to have as well. The sex offenders page is a little more thorough and the crime stats page gives an accurate synopsis of the crime in your county.
  4. RidgeRd Ritiree if you like the GBI site you'll like this one too. This is the pardons and parole page, just put your zip code in. Later and have fun..
  5. My thoughts and prayers are with this family at this difficult time. May God Bless them with peace during this time.
  6. Our next chapter meeting will be May Monday 7th from 6 to 8 pm at the red-topped pavillion next to the Hiram Silver Comet Trailhead. For more information visit www.pauldingsorba.org
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