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  1. yankeeboy


    Thank you lowrider...
  2. yankeeboy


    Has anyone heard about the arrangements for those of us that want to show our final respects for Thad? Thanks.
  3. I'm looking for a new stylist, someone who can cut a long bob. It's summer and I'm cutting off my hair. I live in east paulding area. Thanks, Mrs. Yankeeboy
  4. yankeeboy

    Gun control

    The only way to stop a bad person with a gun... is a good person with a gun. Plain and simple you cannot legislate for crazy just like you cannot legislate morality.
  5. Hey, you have a remote change the channel to CNN. Nobody is forcing you to watch Fox.
  6. This is how liberals counts, don't be surprised. I work for a major bank and our premiums are going up 20% and the HMO will be phases out next year.
  7. WOW thanks comrade I didn't realize I was living in the United Socialist States of America. What are you going to go after how much salt I put on my food too. This is too funny..... So how many people are you going to help get thrown in jail.. I would say beaucoup!!!!
  8. Bullcheeze, These are not good policies for the country as a whole we have more taker then producers. One has to look at Greece and can see whats coming down the pike. I didn't pretended to be wealthy (you ASSumed that yourself)I am pointing out unintended consequences. It is a known fact capitol will flee to more friendlier places. All one has to do it look at the estimated for entitlement programs when they were first proposed and they are way underestimated!!!! You are clueless..... what is your background in??? Do you know anything about financing and/or banking???
  9. I hate to agree with you but your right. It drives me mad when people have no clue about the implication of this thing. As I pointed out earlier former member thinks the folks running SS, Medicare, Medicaid and the Post Office will do right by this too.
  10. No I do know what a 'talking point' is..... you just cant explain what this one was to me. You really don't know what you are in for when this thing kicks in big time. Do you mean to tell me you trust the same Bureaucrats that have driven SS, Medicaid, Medicare and the post office into the ground to run this any better really?
  11. CNN!!!! nobody watches/reads that JUNK... LOWEST RATINGS IN 21 YEARS!!!!
  12. Oh no I am not going to let you get away with that one, please tell me what is the talking point? I dont thing you know what your talking about. And again what is the source you speak of????
  13. Stop and think about it for two seconds.... if i know I am going to get whacked with a larger tax bill once I make over to $250K guess what?.. I will close up shop for the year. And by the way there are more Americans renouncing their citizenship then ever before to go to more Business friendly countries. Capital will flow where it is wanted its the natural order of things. By the way what sources are you talking about??
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