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  1. Gov Jerry Brown signed a law de-criminalizing prostitution for minors. Look it up
  2. What do you guys think about CA passing a law legalizing teen age prostitution ? No longer will minors be prosecuted for selling themselves to clients. I guess Thailand will see a drop off in their business now.
  3. The Libertarian voice inside my head says that anything an adult person decides to do with their body or their lifestyle, as long as it doesn't hurt me or my family, is fine. Leave me alone and I'll leave you alone. That being said, if said person gets hooked on drugs and decides to seek help, that person is given one free pass to receive help on the taxpayer's dime, but only once. If he relapses, he's on his own. No more free care to kick the habit. We're spending too much on the war on drugs, and not enough on helping people kick the habit. I also believe an adult, over the age of 18,
  4. You need to take to heart some of the things you say on here
  5. I'm sure Obama and Michael are glad it's not a crime to be gay, and you're right in that being a sexual predator towards women is criminal. What do you think of Biden then? Have you noticed that every time he's in the presence of young girls, he has to touch them in some way...... either to brush their hair off their shoulder or rub their arm or shoulder or place his hand on their waist? Would you call that predatory?
  6. He's not my guy either so I'll have to hold my nose and vote Trump even though in reality I'll be voting Pence.
  7. so.................. Trump has female qualities and he's gay??? How about that? Wouldn't have believed it in a minute. I do believe we have a gay POSPOTUS and a male first lady though.
  8. This wouldn't happen under Bush or Clinton or Bush or Reagen. Only under the P.O.S. we call our POUTS.
  9. John Kirby, of the state dept, is threatening Russia if they don't stop fighting ISIS ! How the hell is that possible? John was on the air saying that we're prepared to kill Russian fighters, blow their jets from the sky, even bomb Russian cities. I've heard leftists say they're afraid that Trump will start a war with Russia, but it seems that Obama is protecting his friends and heading us towards war himself.
  10. With all of Clinton's crimes and lies, from her days as a drug czar in Arkansas with hubby Bill to all her lies to date and people still support her floors me. She's more corrupt than any politician I've seen in my lifetime. And you can rest assured there was political pressure on the station to cancel Savage's program that day. Part of Hillary's platform is to destroy "alt-right" programming thus eliminating freedom of speech.
  11. It's censorship, plane and simple, no matter how you spin it. The federal gov't is slowly eroding the constitution and you seem to be ok with it. The American people should not fear the gov't, the gov't should fear the American people. This paranoid old white guy is pretty fed up with all of it and I'll be glad to take part in my constitutional right to overthrow this tyrannical gov't led by the elitists, which includes but is not limited to the Clintons, the Bushs', the Soros, et al.
  12. Michael Savage, who has over 20 million listeners on a given day, had his broadcast taken off the air yesterday because of talking about Hillary's health. What's next? Political correctness has taken some of our freedom of speech away, but this is beyond belief
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