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  1. But,,, having known Mr. Rogers for a while, he would fight for the last hushpuppie no matter what they tasted like.
  2. After a little over a year since Tara's unintentional shooting, I'm amazed at how many folks I still meet who don't know the details and facts. Even among the Law Enforcement Community, there is a lack of information. No one wants to perpetuate gossip and no one wants to dishonor law enforcement as a whole. Possibly someday, all of the details will be known by all.
  3. No relation to the West Ridge Staff, Family, or Membership. West Ridge simply provided a facility large enough to handle the anticipated gathering.
  4. CW & Heartstar, Sometime in the future when you read this post, my hope is that it will comfort your hearts. The last few days, I have struggled to write this as my heart has been broken and is in agony. We lost our daughter this past year suddenly and tragically and I have been re-experiencing many of the emotions. By now, you have experienced every emotion possible in every range possible. Undoubtedly every thought imaginable also. Some have said that "they know how you feel", others "that can't imagine how you feel", and some say "there is a plan". Even when these offerings of su
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