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  1. I have light snow at Austin Bridge and Sweetwater Church Rd. Douglasville/Paulding
  2. I agree with you HPD. I am very thankful that the poor customer service I received at BB lead me to Netflix.
  3. Robert came around to talk to the patrons there and yes - he does transport his seafood in fresh from the Gulf. He has strong belief (and hope) that the oil crisis will avoid his fishing area.
  4. Hey rrr - miss you! It is where the Cotton Gin Restaurant used to be near Nebo Rd and Hwy 92. Well - Ms. Rogers won this battle! Yes - at Nebo and Hwy 92. There is lots of parking in the back, too.
  5. We have found our favorite place for seafood in Paulding County. I am so glad I read about R & R Oyster Bar on paulding.com. We tried a dozen oysters on the half shell, crab dip, gumbo, fried shrimp and fried scallops and steamed shrimp. It was all very good and wonderfully fresh. The hushpuppies were so good we fought over the last one. Our entrées came out so quick they beat my oysters out (only because the oysters are so popular - there were several orders placed before mine). The service was excellent and the prices are very reasonable - especially for the quality of the
  6. I have heard of some great Limo experiences. I wish these young people had had that kind of experience. The Limo was working when they left the Prom. I am not sure what the "break down" was all about.
  7. I agree! I am trying to get more info on the driver and then I definitely plan to file a complaint.
  8. My daughter looked absolutely beautiful. I took her to Allon Salon where Sue gave her a fabulous updo. I took her to get a pedicure and acrylic nails. She had a gorgeous dress, gold shoes and clutch, jewelry to accent (I will post pictures) and was super excited about her SPHS Senior Prom. There were 13 all total riding in the Limo. We all pitched in and were promised a remodeled Limo and a competent driver. Well - the Limo was very disappointing. It was a white Humvee Limo that was not even clean on the outside and the driver had no idea where he was going. Even with directions
  9. I knew I could count on paulding.com to help me with this. Thank you all so much for the information!!
  10. I'm trying to find out some information for my parents who live in Griffin. They want an 18ft x 30ft concrete slab: formed, poured and finished. This will extend the driveway and be used primarily for parking. Does anyone have some info on about how much this should cost?
  11. My vacuum cleaner stopped sucking right before Christmas and I bought the Electrolux Versatility Upright from Walmart. It is very quiet and is a power sucker! There is a very long cord and the wand extends long enough to reach up the stairs. It was a little lower than the current price but still way more than I have ever paid for a vacuum cleaner. However, I am very happy with it!
  12. I am going to tell my hubby about this. We have an anniversary coming up!
  13. Peggy suggested this product to me and I love it. My hair is soft and I love the way my scalp feels. Thanks Peggy!
  14. I LOVED the latest Star Trek movie. Lots of action and I think they did a good job picking actors to play younger versions of the original cast. Bones was an especially good pick. I took my teenage daughters to see it and they - regretfully - admitted that they are now Star Trek fans.
  15. Patrick Stewart - my favorite Star Trek Captain - will soon become Sir Patrick. Here is the article from CNN
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