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  1. I'm sure this sounds stupid, but because i just joined this site a day ago, i am not sure of what you all mean when you say "bump". if you could tell me, that would really clear up my confusion. thanks!
  2. holy crap. that's a lot of money. God is indeed awesome. He is the ultimate Provider.
  3. I had known Ta-Ta since 8th grade, and he would be a junior this upcoming school year just like i will be. He was always really enjoyable to be around. No, i did not know him that well, but i still knew him. We would joke around with each other in 9th grade in Spanish class. He was very athletically talented, and he was especially good at basketball because of his great height. He had a loving personality and a big heart, and his inner strength, especially, is something that will always be remembered. It was depressing to know that he had to spend almost all of last school year in t
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