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  1. Our thoughts and prayers have been with you the past few days. Give S a big hug from me, S and T. Love ya'll
  2. A new angel to watch over you . My thoughts are with you and your family
  3. So sad, so young! Prayers for the family
  4. I know that death is hard, today is the 1 year anniversary that my 96 YO Grandma passed away. While I miss her, and think of her daily, I also know that she lived a VERY long, happy life. When you get that age, most of your friends are gone, and it is lonely. I hope that this family will find "peace in death" also. I just know that the above thoughts really helped me and my family get through Grandma's death.
  5. Wow! She made it to 100, and lived alone! May she rest in peace. Prayers and thoughts going to her family
  6. Is this the woman that had the allergic reaction while coloring her hair?
  7. This one is deceased, cornor called in. There was just another call that came in 50 YOM, suicide threat....leaving in vehicle, Camry? What's up with people today
  8. lol, I can't keep up with them all either ...have a "cheat sheet" infront of me for the ones I don't know, lol
  9. Oh, No CODE 48 (or Signal) is deceased. Got it now...but 10-48 is traffic light out ...but, I've figured it out now...there was a death, not a signal light out...thanks
  10. In your post (#18) you said 10-48...a 10-48 is a traffic light out at ________
  11. Oh, OK...I'm listening now, but I didn't realize there was a traffic signal there...thanks
  12. I stepped away for dinner, where is there a traffic light in that area? Or were you repeating the signal 48?
  13. Eastbound 278 shut down ETA: Sorry, we were posting at the same time
  14. Thanks for posting I remember reading the story on this...the family actually had to "fight" to get the dog, becuase his "tour of duty" wasn't over.
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