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  1. Zero. I'm sure those SEC East title flags fly high along with those couple of Big Twelve North title flags above Memorial Stadium, huh?
  2. Hopefully we don't lose half of our offense in Knoxville again or have a major player suspended prior to this year's game. Missouri was so lucky in that the only time they had to face Todd Gurley was in the second game of his career. If Missouri does pull out a victory in Athens, hopefully you don't come on here acting as if they had just won the national title like you did two years ago.
  3. Pretty much every feeling that I had seven years ago was replaying on Saturday. Only this time it was wetter and I had seven more years of disappointment/failure (UF '08, LSU '09, UF '10, SC '11, Bama '12, AU '13, GT '14, etc.) also nagging at my conscience. I was so disgusted and ticked off that I left what could be my favorite place in the whole world just five minutes into the third quarter. I've never left a game that early in twenty-five years. Due to the rain, I had to park nearly a mile further than I usually do, so that made the walk back all that much more fun. Between the weathe
  4. Yes, they are not on an island compared to the way West Virginia is in the Big 12. They are just further from both Georgia and Florida than most of the rest of the division (Aside from Kentucky), and those are both key states for recruiting for the conference in-general. Although MIssouri has thus far still been able to compete, so obviously that fact that does automatically doom them. The St. Louis and Kansas City markets are almost both top 30 (KC is 31st) markets, and Missouri is the only major college athletic program in the state. That one was a no-brainer for the SEC.
  5. Many were that way. There's just not a ton of interest in many of these bowls.
  6. It's all about TV markets. To the SEC, it was attractive to tap into the St. Louis/Kansas City markets and to break ground in a vast state like Texas. Financially, it's great for the conference. It's just a bit inconvenient for Missouri fans considering that they are out on an island by themselves compared to the rest of their divison.
  7. I don't hate them for taking care of their business while we failed to do so. Playing Missouri is kind of like when we used to annually play Ole Miss. We played them every year, but there just wasn't the same kind of hate for them that we had with other programs who we shared a border with and more frequently battled for recruits. That is one thing that will probably always keep programs like Auburn, Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee on a whole other level when it comes to the hate level of your common UGA fan.
  8. I understand Auburn and Florida, but why Missouri? Perhaps things will be different someday, but right now I have zero hate for a team that we've only played three times since they joined the conference.
  9. Playing in the SEC is a cupcake schedule? That's a first. This was not the strongest overall year for the SEC, but to say that the entire conference was weak is a bit of a stretch. Bama was not as strong as some of Saban's previous teams, but those were also among some of the best that college football has seen in recent memory. They were not great, but definitely not weak. They simply ran into another talented team that played better on that day. It happens.
  10. Sure, they had no problem claiming the championship that they rightfully earned by beating UCLA in the Rose Bowl. They used their own players whom Wally Butts had recruited, so that does not relate to what I previously mentioned. Speaking of that, Charley Trippi (MVP of that game) was honored during last Saturday's game. He is the oldest living member of the NFL hall of fame and I believe the last living member from that 1942 team. Outside of Herschel, he might be the biggest all-time UGA icon, so it was great to see him back at Sanford.
  11. Georgia actually sees it as 64-38-5. They don't count the 1943 and 1944 games, which Tech dominated due to the fact that the dawgs were having to rely on young freshmen who were either too young or could not qualify to be in the military while Georgia Tech got a huge boost in players since they were host to a Navy flight school that drew players who if not for the war would have been at other universities.
  12. Yes, and now that one victory that you needed a late UGA coaching blunder to get might land Johnson an extension. I guess that's one silver lining to come out of this for the dawg nation. Our primary in-state competition for recruits will continue to run an offense that won't exactly get them ready for the next level. I say extend the guy for ten years.
  13. Two wins in thirteen years and suddenly tech runs the state. They tried to feed us that same stuff six years ago. Suddenly, the man who everyone has wanted fired for the last two years is a genius again. Perhaps now they won't have to rely on Georgia and Clemson people to help fill-up their stadium with all of these new tech fans showing interest.
  14. Football is a game of inches, and yesterday's game was a prime example of that. Between them, the jackets and dawgs were inches away from scoring three touchdowns and then you have the tying field goal that just barely got over the crossbar. Tech fans and third-party viewers will always view the game as a classic. Dawg fans will just want to forget that it ever happened. Afterwards, it's hard to be excited about the big fumble return by Swann or the great drive by Mason when the team inevitably lost the football game.
  15. I've had to take 24 hours to decompress a bit before I can talk about what happened yesterday. As bad as it may have been on TV or radio, it was even more difficult to see it all happen from section 327. It's been over a year since our fans have had to walk back to their cars in shame. That walk is always interesting because of the random conversations that you hear amongst fans. Man, the venom towards Richt and the coaching staff was as strong as I've ever heard it yesterday. Personally, I barely muttered a thing to my father for probably an hour following the INT that Hutson threw in ov
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