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  1. Sounds like there may not be a lot of options, which is understandable. There aren't a lot of true pubs or taverns in Dallas with the exception of going to a restaurant - which works of course. A restaurant with bar would work fine too.
  2. I'm meeting a friend out that way later this week and was wondering if there's a pub or tavern that anyone would recommend?
  3. I was just reading the blog by Jim Galloway who moderated the Senate debate last night for District 31. Someone has filed a complaint against Bill Carruth now - relating to his residency not being the same place that he holds homestead exemption. It's pretty common knowledge that he changed his Voter registration this year to the home purchased within Senate District 31's new lines (which is near his mom's home). Anyway - if you know enough to know that he bought a new house (which happened to be months before qualification) you should think this move would be challenged. The oth
  4. Not sure if anyone has the scoop on what happened to Hair Worx that was in the shopping center behind Prestige Jewelers (down from the Chinese Buffet and El Jalapeno). Apparently it moved across the street down near Cheeseburger Bobby's. BUT, there was only one stylist there, and it was not buzzing with energy and business an any other time I've visited them. There were no other stations occupied by any other stylist. I remember even last year this place was very popular, and has been in business for probably 20 years. Have you heard of what happened? Can the community help out
  5. Hi Everyone - update on our family.... My sister is 25 weeks and on bed rest! She's been on bed rest for about 3 weeks now. I've been really busy helping out with the other munchkins. We're hoping she'll make it for about 2 more months at least (ideally closer to Mid-January but we'll take what we can get). I've picked up a few items here and there, but still need to get us stocked on diapers and some baby boy clothes for sure. Prayers are appreciated, and I'll try to keep ya'll posted.
  6. Of course - any direction is really okay. I just thought there were some lower level hills/mountains that way.
  7. Thanks, I was worried about trying to take handicap van on small mountain roads in North Georgia, so looking for alternatives.
  8. Tomorrow I wanted to take a friend who is handicapped and normally homebound to see some leaves - but she doesn't normally like to go too far. Any ideas from you guys that have been out and about? Maybe we could get some lunch too. I seem to remember 278 west has some to view.
  9. Mr. Graves spoke at the Republican Party meeting on September 17th - and took a lot of questions from the Audience as well. He is very likeable, very conservative, and definitely a family man. Paulding would be well-represented if he wins the election next time as well.
  10. My mom is traveling that way and had to detour near High Shoals Rd (I think that's the name). They said a school bus accident was ahead on Cartersville Hwy - the 61N end of the county. Anyone know about this? I didn't get a nixle alert on my phone this time.
  11. What does the local GOP meeting location have to do with someone owing taxes? I agree that it is BEST to not be in politics if you can't/haven't paid all of your taxes, but the links here just make no sense to me.
  12. My mom's friend called her - and the friend knows some folks that go to that church, mentioning that someone realized the car had been there a while and looked and the person was deceased - with a gunshot wound. Like I said - it has to be considered rumor since it was not eyewitness. Even if self- inflicted - prayers for the family. It is strange to have been so quiet about it on the scanners yesterday.
  13. I heard that someone in the vehicle had been shot. Of course you never know with rumors. I pray that is not what happened, and prayers for the family of the person as well.
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