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  1. Chris told Allison yesterday if they was anything they needed to let him know and he would let pcom know, there are others on here who know them so they can also let ya'll know.
  2. I will tell Chris to ask his mother tommorrow if there is anything they need, most of the friends and family brung drinks and food to the house for everyone. But never know what they might need. I will have Chris ask and post tommorrow after the funeral .
  3. Chris lost a few friends his HS years and We lost my mother 2 years ago, Chris has autally lost quite A few friends and family, its never easy. But I think you learn to deal with it a little better. one of the boys chris has known forever also knew Nick forever grey up with him, he was crying so much Chris said and gave chris a big hug and was talking about all the good times with Nick, thats what is important just remember all the good times you had with Nick. Thats how he would want it.
  4. Chris just got home from the veiwing said its sad so many teens were there, I am sure more will be tommorrow, Nick didn't look right with a button collar shirt but they had to put it on him. hes peaceful now however. Tommorrow is going to be hard.
  5. Thanks everyone, Lots and lots will miss Nick many many people knew him, His mother and brother are still very upset, we tried to get them to eat but his brother can't keep anything down. were really worried about them. Tommorrow will be hard but when we put him in the ground will be the hardest. I know a lot of the kids at HHS will be wearing black tommorrow they already know, quite a few people around here go to school with him and so they know.
  6. Thank's everyone, it was hard today, We all knew it would be, I am just glad Chris was there for me. we left the sematery went to the house for a while and me and chris went back later for about a hour and just sat next to the grave site and talked, and cryed. Chris is great, and is here for me so I will be okay. Thank you all...
  7. Thank each and everyone of you. yes she was only 50, we hoped she would make it to her next birthday. I am 19, my sisters's are 17,26 and 29. Well they told us a month ago she only had 6 months left... that was the fastest 6 months I ever seen (one month) Thank you all. and I am sorry for your losses also.
  8. I Know I am never on her but wanted to write and tell everyone my Mother finally Lost her battle with cancer September 17th at 10:45 pm. She had been fighting with cancer for a little over a year and a half and finally is spread all over her body. She is at Hightower's Memorial Chapel On Bankhead the viewing was tonight from 4pm-9pm tomorrow is the funeral at 11pm and she is being buried at Sweet water Memorial park April 9 1956- September 17 2006 Chris (Rebel4life) Wrote a Poem , I thought it was really sweet.... here it is... In this time of sorrow. Helen truly
  9. I read in People at the doctors office. That the voice of Tigger died June 24 of natural causes. And then the day after that The voice of piglet died of Cancer.
  10. My Prayers are with him and his family. That is really sad i'm really sorry.
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