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  1. I just now found this,Thats helpful for the ones who doesnt know how to search.
  2. Can we please respect the dead here This is the kind of chat we have on here that is Not needed.If I was a family member or close friend I would be so upset to read this In this thread. take it to PM Be respectful
  3. This was posted just a few ago http://www.paulding.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=38891&hl= yes its sad news.
  4. did she go to PCHS? or do you know,I know I know a becky stokes not sure if I knew her or not,Iknow she wasnt a close friend if I did know her but her name sounds like I know her.
  5. How sad I believe I read the other day she was the victim of a stabbing?I read it on here guess I should do a search.
  6. Very nice Pubby great idea Glad you decided to do it.
  7. Aww I hate to hear that,he was one of the funnier ones on The Andy Griffith show.
  8. This car had 3 tvs in it.
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    Sound Comp.
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