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  1. We (the county) seem to have an aversion to hiring trained professionals for important positions, instead of qualifications, it seems that being born in the county, who your family is and what church you attend are the main criteria for getting the job.


    Let me be very clear, I'm not saying or implying that anyone running for coroner, does not have training or qualifications.

    But there is a reason that progressive cities and counties moved to the position of medical examiner.


    Ohhh well, if the earth is only 6,000 yrs old, we got a looooooong time before we catch up with the rest of the country.

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  2. That was back in the day when there were "D"s after their names :)


    I note that Mr. Dobson is out for a county power grab here.


    Here is a little tidbit from what should be covered in a high school class on state and local government.

    Counties are creatures of the state, created by the state legislature as are cities, school districts, industrial building authorities, special taxing districts and airport authorities.


    If there is wide spread agreement that, say, the county take over the airport directly, then it could be done.


    But why should the county be the one to take it over. Why not let it become a department of the city of Dallas ... Notably, it doesn't have to be 'in the city' to be a city department just as HJ is not in the City of Atlanta.


    The authority was created the way it was because there are other interests in the county such as the cities that want to have a voice in how the airport is developed. It is a bit authoritarian for the county to come in and demand the exclusive ownership of the asset, which they would have to if it were turned into a county department.


    So, while it can be done, it would require that ownership interests in the asset, which would include the ownership assets of the city of Dallas and the City of Hiram be addressed - their ownership claim is as solid as the county governments claim - as well as convincing the entire state legislature - or at least a majority - the airport authority should be dissolved and its assets disposed in the way the legislature wants and agrees. (Hummm ... maybe that is how HJ ends up with it. I'm sure if you elect Kerstin, that kind of thing might just slip by her.)


    Oh well, it is a thought but I don't think making the airport a department of the county is the right move. It can be administered a lot better by an independent authority ... duh ... that is what we have.






    It would appear that is exactly what she is saying ... changing the authority from a local "Paulding County Airport Authority" to a regional authority ... Oh wait ... she's saying things like this and yet there is no known bill with specifics. Why? Is it secret? Are the anti-airport folks sitting on proposed legislation to regionalize our airport and threatening our legislators if they don't get it passed with retribution ... over their unwillingness to pass a secret law?


    Oh the horror :)




    the horror :)




    "I note that Mr. Dobson is out for a county power grab here."


    So by running running for Chairman, he is making a "county power grab"?

    I guess that was what you were doing when you made that pitiful attempt to be elected.

    (ohhhh, I forgot, that evil company Delta and the powerful Todd kept you from doing better)


    As for the rest of your ramblings...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  3. The county is full of sneaky slimy snakes, from supervisors, commissioners, county supervisors, ect.... I had one tell me this week he had to stay in good with a *specfic higher up* so he could keep his job.. but yet he did not mind standing and lying to us... and did I mention he through the minster card out there... I do not trust any of them, I do not like any of them... they will lie to your face, and then laugh about it.. my personal experience..

    sorry for the hi jack... mods can spilt if they want...



    As far as actually living "a good Christian" life, my mother does this about as well as it can be done. (for that matter, so did my dad)

    But I have never heard her bring up being a Christian or what church she attends or her work in that church, in conversations with people she just met or conversations in general.


    I think for two reasons.

    1. Her relationship with God is a personal one.

    2. There is no reason for it.


    Anytime someone, out of the blue, starts yelling me how good a Christian they are and how good a church member they are, I figure they have an agenda.

    Just do whatever job you are hired to do, I don't need to know how tight you think you and God are.

    If God wants me to know, He will tell me.


    99.9% of the time I've been in someone's office and they have a bible on the desk and religous stuff on the walls, I've had a heck of a time collecting my (the company's) money.

    In fact, we hired a lawyer just last week to collect the 80K we are owed by the last, "talks about God and church" guy.

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  4. Right or wrong, both the Democrats and Republicans have in the past and will continue in the future, to say whatever best supports their side, even if it contradicts what they said the last time when the shoe was on the other foot.

    It has been going on for over a hundred years.

    Only thing that surprises me is that this surprises anyone.

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  5. Apparently there is a lot of angst due to the duration and timing of various contracts regarding the Airport such as the one between the Propeller and the AA and with the IGA between the BOC and the AA. I am not an attorney, but have dealt with plenty of contracts in my days and have never heard of government contracts specifically and intentionally designed with a duration limited to the that of the current elected officials.



    I have an issue with a 40 yr contract, not performance based, with a company that has zero experience.




    If there are that many general aviation airports in "the area," then why do we need another GA airport in Paulding? We don't we need something different: a commercial airport.


    Yeh, too many general aviation airports, so let's go head to head with one on the country's largest commercial airports, along with one of the state's blue chip companies and let's do it with a company that not only has zero experience in this area, but is run by a petulant scumbag with no ethics and morals.

    Now that's a winning business plan.

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  6. lol I ask because we were told red lights by one of the companies that are doing the construction.and a friend has a copy of the plans, and it calls for red lights, we were also told there were be a deaccleration lane going down 61 toward dallas. and I say one company because there are so many out here, that you never know who you are dealing with. but they all have one thing in common. they are leaving a trail of destruction were ever they go. we talked to the State DOT and she said she had recieved over 100 complaints from the construction going on here. and do not even get me started on paulding water..... sneaky slimy snakes


    I don't have a real answer, I stole that one from "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" book.

    I always thought it was funny and a little true.

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  7. roundabout? holly hell-o how do i get a copy of those plans?


    I asked the same question, it went like this.



    "The plans are on display."


    "On display? I eventually had to go down to the cellar to find them."


    "Thats the display department."


    "With a flashlight."


    "Ah, well, the lights had probably gone."


    "So had the stairs."


    "But look, you found the plans, didnt you?"


    "Yes," I replied, "yes I did. It was on display in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying 'Beware of the Leopard'."

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  8. The airport is ALREADY a small general aviation airport. Generating about enough revenue a day to make a trip to Starbucks.


    What would you do to get enough revenue to make the place self-sufficient? What's going to pay the mortgage, so to speak? Or do you just think the homeowners should suck it up and pay higher property taxes?


    I understand you have an outrage. What I am trying to understand is what would placate you and Whitey and the rest of the "anti's"? I know what has happened, know you don't like it. What specific plans could you propose that would make things OK?

    I know I've mentioned it before and I'm well aware that in Paulding County it's considered a radical idea (I presume it's a radical idea because it hasn't been done), but the 1st step to making the airport, as it stands at this very second, on the way to being a self-sufficient and hopefully profitable general aviation airport, is to hire someone that has experience in running and selling a general aviation airport.


    Since it opened, it hasn't had a chance to succeed due to the lack of having someone who has the experience and knowledge in running and selling a general aviation airport.

    I don't ask why it's failing, I say how could it do anything but fail.

    But I am completely baffled as to why this solution, which is business 101, seems to elude all of our leaders.

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  9. Georgia Politics

    Person 1: Candidate/Politician A is a good Christian and the kind of man we need.

    Person 2: Candidate/Politician A only cares about himself and doesn't care about his constituents, he also fights dirty. Candidate/Politician B is a good Christian and the kind of man we need.

    Person 1: Candidate/Politician B only cares about himself and doesn't care about his constituents, he also fights dirty.

    Person 1 & 2 (together): My candidate/politician only fights dirty after being attacked that way.

    Hmmmmm, sounds like to me that the one thing we don't need is a "good Christian man", maybe we need to just worry about them being a good person.
    Also, it sounds like that old saying, two wrongs don't make a right, doesn't apply to those "good Christian" men.

    Just to be clear, I have no issue with Christians, I be one.
    But I sure do get tired of hearing how some candidate/politician can't be wrong, or is right for the job, because they are a "good Christian".
    My mother is the best example, I personally know of, of living a Christian life, but I wouldn't vote for her just for that.
    I would vote for her because of her use of common sense and honesty.

  10. I wouldn't care if it was Buffy the Vampire running against Paulette, I would vote for Buffy.


    Seriously though, here's hoping we can get someone voted in with common sense and has a brain to make decisions that are best for the taxpaying constituents.


    Buffy was cute, can we get her?

  11. I don't know how correct this is, but...


    After recent events, it is rumored that Propeller Investments is exploring hiring Chet Wallaby as their corporate scapegoat.

    Currently Chet is working for Little Caesers Pizza, where he holds the title of "Corporate Scapegoat".

    Most recently Mr. Wallaby has been in the news as being the person who, "took away the Litttle Caesers Bacon Wrapped Crust Deep! Deep! Dish! pizza".


    While neither Mr. Smith or Propeller Investments have made a public comment, sources have reported that Mr. Smith was overheard saying, "I should have never tried to save money by doing the dirty work myself. From now on, Chet will take all the heat."


    Chet Wallaby


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  12. I don't know much about lice, thankfully, my only point was that once the school was aware that there was an "outbreak", I think they should have sent a paper home with the kids, saying that.

    At least the parents could then take precautions (whatever that may be) and watching out for their kids, if they wanted to.

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  13. They gotta have a policy for someone to print a paper saying there is a lice outbreak at the school and then send a copy home with each kid?

    Maybe that is one thing that's wrong with our schools, no one can take a wee wee without there being a policy in place, telling them how to hold it and how far away to stand.

    (not trying to be chauvinistic, I'm just a guy and think of guy things)


    I have no idea what you do to not get the lice.

  14. Someone's position on the airport (as either general aviation or commercial) doesn't have anything to do with their politics, because I agree with your entire post and I am not a liberal Democrat. Or a Republican, for that matter.


    I will say that Polk County has decided to end the privatization of their airport due to ongoing problems after management by a private company. I realize it is not exactly the same scenario but I am not a proponent of privatization generally speaking, because it takes away the government and taxpayers' say over how their money is spent, and the government's control over the quality of work performed. But that is a different topic so I will leave it at that.

    Plus, according to what we have been told, it is a limited number of flights to limited destinations.


    Not really a solution for those who travel for business or trips for reasons other than inexpensive 'destination vacations' offered from our airport.


    I personally have no issue with these type of flights.

    It will be helpful to those looking to fly to Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas and maybe one or two other locations.

    So the average person would maybe use the airport, once, perhaps twice a year.

    But probably not year in and year out.


    Any income is better than what we have now, but, like anything else, you have to make sure the entire deal is a good one.

  15. Red shirts ... huh... Delta must have engaged the same surrogate astro-turf machine to destroy the effort at Brisco

    as they did here.


    Makes sense to me. It is amazing what a monopoly will do to maintain its monopoly.





    This is what is known as misdirection.

    Pay no attention to the immoral and unethical actions of that person, instead, focus on something that hasn't been immoral or unethical.


    I don't understand how you decide who is the "bad" guy in this situation.

    You have a company, based in Atlanta, employing approx. 80,000 people and well thought of throughout the state, and you have a company based in NY, employing (what? 4 people?) and not so well thought of throughout the state.

    As business, both are trying to do what they think is best for their respective companies.

    Here are their actions, as far as I know, to try and do that.


    Propeller - Wants to protect it's business

    Facts: The CEO acts in an unethical and immoral manner, sponsors billboards calling for a recall of elected officials, gets involved in local elections.


    Delta - Wants to protect it's business

    Facts: 0

    Supposition: Possibly supporting lawsuits stopping the deal with Propeller


    So how is Delta the bad guy?



    If this deal had been handled properly in the first place, would there even be logical grounds to file any lawsuits?

    You posts remind me of the wizard when he got caught as a fake.


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