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  1. TV and movies would have us believe that shooting to "wound" is fairly easy thing to do.

    Here is an example of why in real life that is not the case.

    Date: Oct. 26, 1881

    Place: OK Corral (Tombstone, AZ)

    In a space of roughly 10' by 6' seven men (4 on one side and 3 on the other) fired 30 shots in 30 seconds.

    Three men were killed and two were wounded.

    Two of the shots fired were with a shotgun and the rest were with pistols.

    The men were in all were good with their weapons and were trying to shoot to kill.


    Here are the results of all 30 shots fired at close range by trained men trying to kill.


    Frank McLaury - one shot in the head, one shot in the chest (died)

    Tom McLaury - shot in the torso with the shotgun (died)

    Billy Clanton - one shot in the wrist and two shots in the chest (died)

    Virgil Earp - one shot in the calf

    Morgan Earp - grazing shot across the shoulder blades

    Doc Holliday - while not shot, a bullet did hit his holster and bruise his leg


    So even if we count the bullet that hit Doc's holster, we can see that the percentage of hits were less than 30% and that four of the nine hits were not fatal.


    So shooting to wound is mainly good for the movies, TV and books.

  2. Oops... Gotta fix this post way wong replies here. Please stand by...


    Sounds like Martin made a poor choice and paid a heavy price for it. Kind of like slapping a sleeping sasquatch. He gets pissed off and chases you to a cliff that you promptly jump off and die. Yup... it was all is fault for forcing you to jump off that cliff.:rolleyes:




    Did you say Zimmerman was uninjured or not?

    Are you prepared to say now that Zimmerman sustained injuries due to being assaulted by Martin?


    And as a side note here. If this case was only about Martin beating the crap out of Zimmerman, I would be squarely in Martin's corner. The only caviate is that Martin still needed to understand that folks can defend themselves. Just because you get beat down for being stupid does not mean you give up your rights to self defense.


    Further you have provided absolutely nothing but your own personal beliefs as to what happened. I have provided many facts and other evidence that when taken as a whole support my theorey. All you got is "I believe". Guess what I do not care what you believe and neither does the court. Show me something that goes against what I present that does not begin with "I believe", is based off of empiercal quantitative and factual data and I will consider it and be quite impressed at the same time. Sadly... you got nutin.:wacko:


    I have never said anything about the Zimmerman case, period.

    I do not know enough facts to make a call.

    However, based on the few "facts" I do know, i do have an opionon.

    But I will not share it here.

    It was my understanding that Zimmerman had injuries from the 1st time i heard of this case, so

    I have never thought otherwise.

  3. Two thoughts come to mind.

    The first is that when I would get into an argument with someone who obviously lacked common sense, my buddy was say, "who's the idiot, the moron who can't understand or the guy arguing with him?".

    It helped cut down on my discussions with those who are unable or refuse to use common sense.


    The second is a story my grandfather told me.

    It happened in ATL back in the 30's. My grandfather woke in the middle of the night to a man stealing one of his chickens. My GF got his .45 and shot the man, called the ATL police and advised them, "I shot a man stealing my chickens, he is laying in the yard moaning, you better come get him".

    I asked what LE did, he replied they came and got the man.

    I replied; No, I mean what did they do to you?

    My GF looked at me like I was crazy and answered; "Do to me? Why would they do anything to me?

    The man was stealing our food. I just stopped him."


    Times have changed.

    For the better?

  4. Why do I get the feeling that there are some people on here to whom the statement, "That depends on what your definition of is, is", makes perfect sense.

    Also, I bet the items on some desktops are very straight, there are a lot of things at right angles and all the paperclips are arranged by size and color.

  5. My Georgia firearms license expires this year. What all do I have to do to renew it? Do you have to go through the whole process over again?


    I took it as the OP was asking about what was required for renewal at this time.

    I recently renewed my license, which I have had for 30 plus years and there have been a couple of changes in the past 5 years.

    The cost is now $70 or $80, they only take cash and they now put your picture on yout license.

    Now it is all handled at the Probate office, used to you had to go LE for fingerprints.

    I had stopped at an ATM and was only going to get $60 dollars out as I thought that would pay for the renewal and allow me to get lunch, instead I took out $80, which was lucky because the fee hand increased and $60 would not have covered it.

    Also, had I know I was getting my picture taken I would not have shown up looking like I was working in the yard and running errands, which is what I was doing.

    So asking for a "heads up" seems like a good idea to me.

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  6. Apparently someone broke into my neighbors house (broke their garage door) in broad daylight last week. I'm not sure if they took anything, but they apparently they made a mess :wacko:


    If you think someone is breaking into your neighbors home, for God's sake don't call the cops and then do over and hold them at gunpoint.

    They may get a lawyer and have YOU arrested.

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  7. Let me see if I understand this correctly.

    Neighbors see 2 people at a forclosed on and what has been an empty house.

    The neighbors suspect that the 2 people are there to steal from the empty house; copper or whatever.

    They call the police, get their AR15's (not AK47's), go over and hold the 2 people until law enforcement arrives.

    Law enforcement praises the neighbors and then handles the situation badly with the 2 people, who are the mother and father of the new home owner.

    Law enforcement does not even bother to interview the 2 neighbors, in fact law enforcement tells the neighbors they did nothing wrong. (hence the praise for their actions)

    The son, who is the new home owner, hires a high profile criminal defense lawer, who then puts pressure on law enforcement, who then files charges against the neighbors.

    Did the 2 neighbors over react? It seems to some degree they did.

    But should they be charged with a crime because apparently the police handled situation with the mother and father wrong?

    Apparently the police didn't belive the parents story and took them into custody.

    Would charges have been brought if a high profile lawer hadn't got involved?

    I don't think so.

  8. I actually sat in an airplane seat across a row and a seat back from Dick Clark in a small prop-powered 20 passenger commercial flight from Fort Smith to Dallas/Ft. Worth.


    He was really dismissive of his experience in the sticks and was obviously nervous at having to fly anywhere in such a small aircraft - and probably really regretted he had to hang out with the great unwashed in coach as there was no first class :)


    I actually thought he would have been older than 82 because he was always noted for looking soooo young and he'd have to have been about 53-54 at the time (early '80s). I don't know if it was the food, no sleep the night before, or a bad hangover, but in my mind he looked every bit 60 as we went through a thunderstorm on the flight. Regardless, I could tell from his attitude he was very much an "A" personality.


    Oh well, as a guy who started out as the host of a teen age dance show, he was one of those notable people who was not an actor, newsman, singer, musician or story-teller, writer or intellectual ... he was most a celebrity that leveraged that celebrity into the dual role of executive producer ... and did well.


    My opinion of him, however, was formed on that plane ride:)



  9. Be nice to the postman or he will get his bag with eyeholes and his baseball bat and hide behind a bush and attack you from behind.



    [b]Posted 30 March 2012 - 07:01 PM


    I used to be a bully, but I" bullied other bullies. I also stayed secret. I was kinda like a sniper, but only used a ball bat.


    When I saw a bully doing what bullies do, whether he was bullying me or someone else, I started studying him. I would watch (stalk) him just out of sight. I would be behind something when he walked by, usually at night. I wore a bag with eye holes cut out, and would lye in wait. I tried not to break any bones, but I guess it happened a time or two.[/b]


    Maybe that's why he got so scared at the Dr.'s office, quilty conscious.

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