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  1. I don't care for up tight, rigid, GOP lawmakers. I'd like to see some of them get high and loosen up, lol...


    So you are for making pot smoking legal?

    If so, then you must be against Boss Hog....I mean Howard Maxwell.


    Also, not a trick question, but weren't you, at least at one time, a part of the local Republican party?

    Doesn't matter to me, one way or the other, but for some reason that was stuck in my head.

  2. I never get local political flyers.

    I consider that a good thing.


    I have to wonder, if you support Howard Maxwell, how do you justify something as stupid and mean and nasty as his flyer on trying to associate medicinal cannabis oil with making pot smoking legal.

    I'm serious, how do you justify using thousands of people in pain and misery as tools for your own personal advancement and ambitions?



    Do you lie to yourself and say, ohhhh, that wasn't Howie, it was someone else sending it out without Howie's knowledge?

    Do you say, screw those sick people, we can't let anyone but Good Ole Howie win?


    How do you justify it?


    Wanna bet that NO ONE replies with an actual answer?

    You know why?




    Just like people who try and justify what Brett.....never mind.

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  3. I'm confused, is Boss Hog....I mean Howard Maxwell against medical cannabis oil?

    If so, what is his reasoning or does he even have reasons.

    Are they based on ignorance and fear?

    Is he really for having children suffer when they do not have to?


    I'm a don't make pot legal guy.

    I'm pretty strong on that point.

    But only a moron or someone that is so ignorant that they really should not be allowed to drive, much less vote, would be against a chemical that could ease the suffering of so many, without all the negative effects that many of our medicines have.

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  4. I think it would be beneficial to everyone in the county to have these legal issues resolved as quickly as possible.

    Even then, we are probably looking at quite a few years to settle the cases and appeals.

    (that's just a guesstament on my part, others with more legal experience would have a better idea of a time frame)


    In my opinion, it is a sad thing that it had to come to this point, but when egos and personal desires, override duty and common sense, that's what happens.

    That statement is not directed at any one side.


    There is a unwritten "law" that it would do everyone well to remember, if there is ever any way possible to keep a dispute out of the legal system, then do so.

    Because once the legal system gets involved, all sorts of crazy crap can happen and usually the only people that end up happy with the outcome, are the lawyers.

    This is especially true in family and personal matters.

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  5. You're talking about the difference of having someone help you with a speech and someone writing the speech for you. Once again, Whitey and others in his group have been claiming that they write their own speeches. Yet, there is a distinguishable difference between their normal manner of speech and writing styles and those they deliver during the meetings. Think of it like fingerprints, everyone has unique ones. Manners of speaking and writing do too. Quite a few of those speeches I heard from the group sound unlike those individuals' usual ways of speaking and writing. That tells me there is someone "behind the curtain" guiding them in secret. If it wasn't a secret, then what would be so shameful about admitting that some boxy helped them with their speeches?


    Having someone help you put your ideas and thoughts into clear concise words and sentences what you trying to convey to others, is not in my book, the same as having someone write your speech.

    As I noted at the start, I don't care if Carmichael had help with article or Whitey with his speech or anyone else.

    It happens all the time, in business, in publicity, in politics.

    Also, there is a huge difference in writing a post, stream of consciousness and spending hours on a speech or talk.

    The speech or talk should be a hell of a lot more concise and polished.

    I often edit something I posted, strictly because in my post, I have even confused myself in what I wrote, verses what I was trying to say.


    To me, this whole topic, on both sides, is stupid and childish.

    Unless someone has proof that an outside entity is supplying fully formed speeches or whatever, then sayng that, is an insult to those who took the time and effort to craft their talk or article as best they could to convey their points clearly.

    And on behalf of Mr. Carmichael and White, I am offended by these unsubstantiated accusations.


    How about that, I was able to defend both Carmichael and Whitey together, while at the same time, condeming Whitey.

    Now that is being fair.

  6. You can't tell that to some people who claim to be "transparent and honest citizens" and who swear up and down that their speeches were not written by anyone but themselves. I find it hypocritical and unethical, especially when it's used to spread deliberately incorrect and unverifiable by facts information fed to them by someone "behind the curtain" in order to create unfounded fears in the public.



    I'll put it this way.

    I did a eulogy for a close friend.

    I was asked by the priest to keep it to 10 minutes.

    I wrote the eulogy, it was about 5 minutes to long.

    I read it to my wife and sent it to 2 friends.

    Bottom line, they suggested a cut here, a word change there, and most importantly, moving one portion from the beginning to the end.

    By making that change I was able to combine about 4 minutes into 1 minute.

    And I still not only wrote the eulogy, it still consisted of all my thoughts and feelings.

    That is what I was really referring to in my post about other people helping.


    As far as people being fed behind the curtain, as I always say, for all sides, proof and facts or it doesn't need to be said.

  7. I could care less if anyone helps Mr. Carmichael write his letters or speeches, same with the people that speak at the BOC meetings.

    In business, when someone has to write and send an important email/letter, they usually seek the input of others to help insure that they are getting their main points across clearly and concisely.

    In fact, I personally consider it a positive, not a negative, if someone seeks input and opinions from others in these kinds of situations.

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  8. Bla, bla, bla ...


    Some people are more qualified for office than others due to education, experience and t heir native gifts of intelligence.


    Good old boys, Whitey, are just that, good old boys. They can be successful as human beings but that doesn't qualify them for leadership of the entire group.


    Personally, if some of the candidates running for the office were to win, I would be embarrassed for the county.



    Trust me, you couldn't be more embarrassed for the county than the county already was when you ran.

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  9. Your point is well made and received. I certainly don't want to discredit my points by being condescending. Thank you for calling me out on that. I actually enjoy reading Whitey's post and agree with him / her more often than not. The poke about fast food was simply sarcasm meant to point out that those are what most of our new jobs are.

    I do want to simply refute one of your points though, respectfully. I did not move to a rural county. Paulding has not been rural for a long time. 150,000 residents are, by definition, suburban. In 1990, about 40,000 folks lived here. It was rural then.

    Several studies predict that the Atlanta area is going to grow by the equivalent of the entire population of Charlotte over the next few decades. We need to choose what we want in Paulding. The best and the brightest, or Cobb County's poverty so they can have the best and brightest.

    What I get frustrated by is that folks will not accept the fact that the woods are gone, and they're not coming back. We can choose to pretend that if we just elect politicians with 2 feet in the past, somehow it'll be 1965 again. We need to accept what's here, embrace it, and intelligently choose how to deal with it. If we continue to not give our brightest residents a place to use their talents, then none of us will want to call Paulding home in 10-20 years.

    Every time we build a new section 8 apartment complex or declare an older one section 8 eligible, Cobb county laughs and makes sure it's section 8 residents know about it.


    It may not be technicaly rural, but between my house and the Kroger on Ridge Rd, a distance of maybe 5 miles, there are at least two pastures with over 10 cows in them. Just saying. :)


    We agree, for better or worse, like it, don't like it, this county will become more like the rest of metro Atlanta.

    It doesn't affect my feelings like it does those who families are from here and grew up here.

    But, I'm from Smyrna and Cobb and watching those areas change did affect my feelings, but as they say, that's progress.

    Heck, look at Forsyth County.

    It used to be full of nothing but chicken farmers.

    My grandparent's house was in the middle of nowhere, on a single lane dirt road.

    Now, they are surrounded by McMansions on a 4 lane hwy.


    The grandparents and their kids may want to keep things like they are, lots of land with woods.

    But when those people have gone to the big woods in the sky, the grandkids will sell for big money and move to wherever they can spend it.

    Personally saw it in Cobb, Cherokee, Gwinett, Forsyth, Clayton and Douglas.

    Change of life.


    Like my neighbor said in 1983 in Cherokee County, I have move further away from Atlanta, they're building to much around here.

    Me: Building to much? There is nothing out here!


    15 yrs later, it was amazing what was within 5 miles of where we used to live.

  10. First, as I have always said, if you have been here 1 yr or a 100, it makes no difference, everyone is equal.

    However, I have to question the judgement of someone who moves to a rural county and then bitches about it being a rural county.

    I find it amazing that someone actually has the...well, let's call it...nerve, to make fun of the people, they chose, to move and live among.

    But then again, some people are so self absorbed, they expect everyone and everything to adapt and change to their wishes.


    Newbie is 100% correct, IMHO, about one thing.

    Change is coming to Paulding County.

    Ride up I-575 all the way to Canton and see what used to be nothing but woods and farms, but are now concrete and steel.

    No stopping it.

    If you want less of that, you need to move away from the metro Atlanta area.

  11. is Hiram Sudie between Bill Carruth and 92 open?


    I got this message about an hour ago

    PAULDING 911: Hiram Sudie Rd at Bill Carruth Pky has been reopened in all directions.

    Uhhhhh, I could be wrong, but I presume when a road is said to be open "in all directions", that means......in all directions.


    (sorry, it was just sitting there on the tee, begging me to hit it :) )

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  12. You're wife is making you soft. Stop fraternizing with liberals.


    I wish I could, but I seem to attract liberals like Hillary Clinton attracts federal investigations.


    I've always been against what are actual abuses by law enforcement.

    In fact, I think I'm pretty fair when it comes to this topic.

    I've been called an apologist for law enforcement and someone that has a problem with law enforcement.

    So I figure I'm pretty much fair.


    As far as the wife, I guess I'm stuck with her, or more accurately, she's stuck with me.

  13. This happened in 2014. In my opinion, the officers were clearly out of line and heads should roll for it.


    But let us all remember that this was an isolated case, and while there are excesses in law enforcement that need to be dealt with; the US is far from being a police state. There are thousands of good cops for every bad egg; a ratio of good to bad that is probably similar to most any profession.

    It may have taken place in 2014, but the Washington Post article I linked, is from April 1 2016.


    If the facts are correct as reported, and I have no idea if they are, but if they are, then there should be two ex police officers charged with rape.

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  14. We all know that some people on here stretch things to try and make law enforcement look worse than perhaps the situation actually is.

    However, if the facts reported in this case are even mostly correct, CitizenCain's post above, doesn't even come close to describing the abuse this man was put through by LE officials.


    This article reports on the traffic stop and what supposedly took place, in more detail.



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  15. Like the man said, the "issue has become increasingly complicated".


    ETA, my bad, that statement was said in reference to the airport issue, the road work issue is completely differer......hmmmmm, never mind, I stand by original post.

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