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  1. cant wait for those results to come in..............
  2. autopsy reports will prove that he wasnt loaded up on meth or anything else........
  3. and his 4th son is 18 years old and a senior in school and daughters innocent of both.........
  4. rednecks wow again i guess u could call it redneck insulation then nobody has a clue but as the old saying goes it will all come out in the wash the autopsy will prove he wasnt a user or a pusher and if you dont know the details then u can guess but people really shldnt judge a man from his past danny has an upstanding charcater and a definitive person of this
  5. wow is all i can say thanks i'll stop here but its very unfair i can assure you it wasnt danny's fault.............
  6. the two were never arrested or charged with any thing only driven to the s/o to be interviewed by the gbi and one was a student at hiram high school
  7. nobody was arrested and my husband is dead danny was a very sick man he didnt/couldnt raise them fast enough for them period.....
  8. i can assure as his wife he was definitely unarmed God rest his soul he was an innocent man........
  9. no but i was as his wife no details posted by me me yet but they shot at him 3 times hitting him twice and he doesnt do drugs or anything to break the law he was a good honest man
  10. Does anyone remember who here borrowwed my husbands wheelchair b/c we sure need it back at this time Thx hammett167
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