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About Me

Orginally from the Detroit area, have lived all over Michigan. It will always be home and there is little from and about the "mitten" I don't like.


Lived in Atlanta/Smyrna/Dallas for 5 years, now live in Ky.


Married to a wonderful women who puts up with my love of sports, a great son and have three shelter dogs that are spoiled rotten.


My Grandfather was the biggest influence on my life. He served his country in WWII, His city as a Detroit beat cop, and the Children of Michigan as a guard at Childrens Hospital. He didn't bullcheeze and always gave an honest answer - even if you may not have liked what he was saying.


I'll debate anything and read a lot. I believe in common sense, logic and critical thought.


I can't spell, I type to fast and I mix up words. If you dont' like it I suggest the ignore button and my name collide soon.

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