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Got this rather detailed explanation of what's wrong with our politics and why. 

The basic idea is that attacking on divisive issues on which there is a rough 50-50 split (while avoiding issues where most American's are in agreement) is a winning political strategy and if you can keep the level of fear and ire high enough, political judgments based on the quality and competence of the governance are ignored.  That means the generally recognized and agreed upon needs and concerns are ignored or given short shrift. 

Their take on the issue is contained in the title of the document: 



The origin of the group FIXUS is from the group of national leaders who are sincerely concerned about the budget ... so, expect the names of former secretary's and chief's of staff from both parties to be well represented. 

I'll simplify this a bit more. Some folks figured out you can game the system for fun and excess profit; all you have to do is control the government and run it to maximize your profit and, if you're like a lot of folks - those who believe that its all okay as long as you don't get caught - if you grab that power, you can reward your friends and, if you are anti-democratic, consider all others who demand power as enemies. 

We've encountered one of these problems before. Think about prohibition; that is when the do-gooder's over-reached and forced the society to divide over freedom to imbibe; a circumstance that inevitably resulted in the organization of criminal activity. Overall, that act was bad idea. 

The genius of democracy is that it makes us responsible for each other; whether we like it or not. 

The point is that government must start governing and the MAJORITY, as determined by regularly scheduled free and fair elections, demands it be done in a manner that recognizes their interests.

 But the elections too are being gamed by the system, which through a policy decision made by the conservative court, energized the power of money by eliminating critical limits in the Citizens' United decision early in the last decade. 

That too is addressed in the fixus report. It is a positive approach to thinking about the issues of governance, rather than the game of playing on the fringe in the cultural wars, which is, BTW, largely a diversion from the real issue. That issue is good govenment.  




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I do find it interesting that the 13 minute opening tape of the House Impeachment managers is being restricted. 

That said this video is mostly a depiction of a crime and given the thrust of the original post, seems a bit off topic.


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