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China using a Green Solution for Locus Invasion

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The Locus swarms in Africa/ middle east and now China are not getting a lot of press here, but there is a possibility of severe famine in those areas as the swarms can eat a field clean of crops in just hours.  Insecticides and direct killing of the beasts are the primary attack mode in most countries.  

They have moved into extreme western China now, but the Chinese govt is using a green solution to fight back.  

Ducks.  Lots and lots of Ducks.   

I hope that this method works for China, but the middle east and Africa could be in for massive starvation if the weather forecast holds and the swarms continue to get bigger. 



The plague of locusts which has wreaked havoc across east Africa has now reached China’s Xinjiang border in the far west of the country, where it meets Pakistan and India.  

Pakistan declared a national emergency due to potential food shortages, with Prime Minister Imran Khan calling it "the worst locust attack in decades".

In an impressive video, shared by the state-run Chinese news site CGTN, thousands of ducks are seen marching down a road to face and then eat the enemy.

These ducks are on a mission to seek, destroy, and eat locusts

The brown birds, referred to as “duck troops” in Chinese media, have been used to tackle locusts before and some say they are more effective than pesticides.

Wang, from Xinjiang, previously told Global Times that one juvenile duck can manage 4m² of land by gorging on locusts.

In this latest outbreak, said to be the worst in 25 years, swarms of locusts have reached a terrifying 60km long in Kenya according to officials.


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