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Paulding MAN Vs FOOD Challenge on Fox 5

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Hi ALL!!


Fox 5 featured Vito's Cafe's Qudruple ByPass Burger Challenge. Below are part one and two of the 3 segments. We hit some media limit so the third video is a link.


We are excited that the buzz of our burger challenge has reached Metro Atlanta's Fox 5. To Date only 1 person has successfully finished our challenge! If you think you have what it takes please let us know.


These aren't those puny dollar burgers. All our patties are a 1/4 lbs of our special blend of Italian Sausage & Angus Beef. We have a Large Specialty Burger Menu available at our link below. All our burgers come with choice of Fresh Cut Fries, Pasta Salad, Cole Slaw or Chips.


Thanks to all our Loyal Paulding.com Customers We are proud to be apart of such a great supportive community.






ByPass Burger Challenge Video 3

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as hungry as I am right now and and as long as it has been since I have been able to eat a burger I believe I could handle them :lol:

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