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No, no one died ...

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Hi folks:


Visited with folks at three of Paulding's funeral homes today and pleaded with them to join Paulding.com and post the funeral notices to this forum (which we just created.)


As this is not only a convenient place for all the community to see the news of one's passing, but a place where condolences can be written as well, I offer it without sponsorship to the funeral homes.


Notably, members of Paulding.com can post replies to the notices and, I suppose, post notices of the deaths of others, including family members from outside the area if they choose.


As in any open forum, the presentation of false news of someone's untimely death is absolutely inappropriate. Indeed, some fears have been expressed that someone who may have had enemies might draw the proverbial reply to the notice of thier death, 'good riddance' ...


I sincerely hope that doesn't happen and such inappropriate posts will be removed, the offending member banned from the site and the open permissions to post for all members restricted if that surfaces as a problem.


Just follow the rule in commenting on those who have passed that if you can't say something nice, just don't say anything at all.



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A great woman Lucinda(I hope I spelled it right) Aiken has passed away after a long long battle with cancer. I do not know the details. but I do know she will be greatly missed. She fought long and hard with disease, and she did not do it silently.For as long as I have known her she has been active with the community, the schools, PTA's, althetics, and her family even when she was battling this disease. She did not give up. My daughter grew up with Rochelle, and we loved her. Whenever I saw Rochelle from young days to growing up she always offered a hug. Still love you and I offer you a hug now. Please offer prayers to this family that has fought for many years a long fight. Love you and may God be with with you now.

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