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Black Friday... and Saturday Specials!

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We will be open Friday & Saturday, 9-4:00! I've added and will continue to add this week more clothing for 50 cents each! LOTS of it for everyone in the family! Books, books on tape, computer programs, other selected items will be 50% off!


We have items that will make GREAT gifts! Come and check us out before you spend more money somewhere else!!!

If you like earrings... you need to check out our handmade assortment of dangle earrings... $3.00 to $6.00 each!


We also have:

two tv cabinets

coffee table

computer table


I'll be working to add a LOT of recently donated items to the store before Thurs!!!

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Thank you for saving my shirt for me...



You are more than welcome! Thank you!!!


I've spent ALL day putting out more stuff.. loads of 50 cent clothing! My mother helped me and we got'er done, but there's lots more to put out tomorrow!!!! There's also a LOT of FREE stuff in the front of the store. I left it out in hopes that someone will go and get what they want this evening! :)

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