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  1. I've got a couple of Heady Toppers courtesy of Jerry, as well as two stone 16th anniversary, NB super IPA, Founders Devil dance and Breakfast Stout, and a few 2 year old Terrapin WnB. Along with some other miscelanneous things
  2. This is making me thirsty! We need to get all the craft beer loving pcommers together at mi casa some night. I'm about to have 4 kegs of fresh hopped IPA's along with a few others.
  3. I guess for the same reason colonists didn't learn the myriad of Native American Languages.
  4. 2 more for Tripcony here. I have known him for years and have worked with him in the field. There are few better surveyors in the state than Tripcony. Ohhh and 2 more for Melissa too. Good luck!
  5. It has also been proven to relieve cluster headaches. I have had friends that suffer from cluster headaches and they are apparently one of the most debilitating afflictions out there. My link
  6. Her apology came from her Facebook page. Not a press release or an interview. Not very classy.
  7. It looks like Rep Manning made a feeble attempt at an apology. After blaming it completely on the reporter taking her words out of context, she proceeds to apologize for offending anyone, but never apologized for her bigoted views against both Mormons and Muslims. What a joke.
  8. An apology would mean nothing. You don't say stuff like that to media if you don't mean it. It really makes me wonder what other elected Georgia GOPers think.
  9. I worked under Dr. Williams at UGA. The guy who is trying to claim that this is a Mayan site is not an archaeologist, but an unemployed architect that thinks he knows what he is talking about. Dr. Mark Williams is the true authority and southeastern archaeology and he says there were no Mayans in GA.
  10. At least we learned from Rep Manning that Mormons are slightly better than Muslims (gag). She is a joke and make the people of Cobb County look ridiculous
  11. Jack's River is fun, but this time of year would be horrible and it it is not really good for kids. Cohutta is a great place to start though, maybe the chestnutt creek trail. The AT is pretty easy to get to from here. You can be at Springer Mountain in about 2 hours. I have done the AT from Georgia to the VA line, so if you need some more advice on places to go let me. Or if you need any gear let me know too.
  12. correct, sorry for the earlier mispeak
  13. He got voted out and has been on redemption ever since.
  14. Here is a trick that I have heard that works. Step 1; Call and have your court date changed to a later date. Step 2; Call the police station/sheriffs office everyday over the course of a couple of weeks to try and figure out what day the particular officer is off of work. Step 3; After you have figured out the officers normal day off, call again and reschedule your court date for that day of the week. If the officer can't come to the court date, you can site the article of the Bill of Rights that says you have the right to face your accuser in a criminal trial, and fact of the matter is, the officer is probably not coming to court on his normal day off. Step 4; Hopefully no ticket.
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