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  1. The Tree Hugger Strikes Again And the comment "a reporter has/uses his sources for information" now that one is just simply
  2. Ken might have those powers he won a brand new harley davidson last year the lucky ass lol oh and stay home so i can win that vintage triumph this year LOL Yea I did win the Big New HOG!!!
  3. can your sources tell me if I am ever gonna win the lottery? LOL If sources had that kind of info I would be on an island I owned and invisable, LOL
  4. Teresa Phillips at Phillips Salon in Dallas...I think she is still on 92 around East Paulding...Not my hair but she does a hot job on somebody I know very well,,,,
  5. Sorry but it has absouletly nothing to do with being "cynical"....it has all the world to do with "law enforcement sources" and having the investigative background as a member of law enforcement to "get the facts"...Not once has any of the information I have ever given you not come to be true or factual in the end...actually I was poking fun at you but,,,,well I will just leave my "cynical" thoughts about "reporting with your heart" instead of trusting LE sources...hmmm might be why the "fox news" reporting style gets those rambling comments you often have going. As well I have posted I too empathize with Glenn and his family on the personal side but I will never empathize with his political side...He chose the office, he chose to become a public figure and abused it, and then chose the path he took with the tactics he used and lifestyle after always preaching family values, morals, etc...He chose to cause his own downfall in his political life and he is done...Again I do hope he can find peace in his personal life but that too will be his choice. Careful LR he is a big guy and might hurt you as he falls out on you!
  6. You might want to re-read Glenn's Press Release and News Report...He is officially resigning as Speaker and resigning his seat.
  7. And I told him so 3 days ago...my "sources" are always better than his "sources"...Pubby when you want to put me on your payroll,,,,LMAO!!! Glenn Has done the right thing with his resignation...I hope he can find peace in his life and recover in his personal life...I do hope Susan and his Children work thru all the tough times still to come.
  8. I told him 3 days ago it was GOING to happen...Funny but every single thing I have given him has ALWAYS been factual...but Noooooo he always holds onto that "power" of tree hugger with hope...LMAO!!!
  9. Yep and I wish him "recovery" in his personal life...He has done the right thing in his resignation. Hey Pubby do you need a real reporter (investigative) on your team, LOL!
  11. LOL LR! No pubby that is not the "legal research" I was referencing...but nuff said...I doubt VERY seriously any emails, texts, or even phone conversations are going on cuzz even those who talk to him right now are more than likely recording everything...I think he might have just learned his lesson about leaving permanent written (or printable) records behind at all...as well I will bet a years salary the news team nor the ex have released all the info just yet,,,,nope there is an ace in the hole yet to be played...another reason the chatter out of Atlanta (members under the dome with an R by their name are leaking out) is talk of stepping down and resigning...even a fool knows when to wash his hands of a fool!
  12. I agree LR and I will ONLY believe it when I SEE it! I think the "hush hush" leak (out of the capitol) is simply to test the waters for what support, or pity, may still be there to see if there is any chance of survival or what damage might be to the Party...otherwise the Speaker, Staff, or other members of the Repubilcan delegation would not be dishing out the "no comment" and in the tunnels....IMHO that damage is already done...But we shall see and wait for the Big Lady to sing, LOL!
  13. Pubby I might suggest some "legal research" on some of your points...they are wrong...nuff said...Hush Hush out of the capitol is The Speaker will step down as Speaker of the House and then resign his seat...We shall see if this another ploy on the republicans to feel out the pity support first or if in fact someone finally is demonstrating the RIGHT THING TO DO! And this picture is much bigger than just an affair...The man has been moving down a very slippery slope for several years...Power corrupts and total power corrupts totally...Just hope the GOP (at every level) learns a valuable lesson here...if not welcome corruption in the future instead of conservatism and leave the welcome mat out to Obama in 2012 as the GOP continues on a slippery slope of lip service and nothing more.
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