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  1. The drought has caused our local hay suppliers to struggle. Supplies are very low! Does anyone know where round bales of horse hay can be bought? and at what price? Thanks!
  2. Who did you call, how much did it cost, and is the problem completely gone? I have a nest under the siding in my house and I see where they are coming and going near the back door. I sprayed the cracks between the siding with some kind of bee killing foam. The problem with that is now they are getting into my basement. I see where they are coming and going near the back door. My daughter has been stung multiple times as well as my dogs and myself. I need to get rid of this problem!!! Someone I know recommended Sevin dust, has anyone else had any success with that?
  3. I actually saw a little bit of that, and was amused because my ex BF used to work in the kitchen there, supervising the women during meal preparation, and overseeing what they called "feeding time." He has since moved to Texas and I've lost touch with him, but if I'd had his number I'd have called him and said, "TURN ON TLC!" I bet he knows some of the long-timers.
  4. My dogs seem to love the snow, especially Moose. He thinks he's Snoopy! They do stay inside, the doghouses are "in case of emergency" while I'm gone at work.
  5. WELL I've decided to become blonde! However, my current hair color is pretty dark reddish brown. Can anyone recommend a color expert that won't cost me an arm and a leg? I also want to get my hair cut...I've attached a pic of the look I'm going for. HELP!!!
  6. I'm in South Paulding, and could not find any open road out of here. 92 was closed just past Catfish Den, Morningside Drive, Pine Valley Road, Brownsville Rd, all closed. Trying to go south to I-20, Friedship Church Rd is closed...then I heard they shut down I-20 at Lee Rd, so no point trying that. My subdivision is high and dry, but I'm trapped here! So I have to work from home today...OH how awful...NOT!
  7. My nephew got rid of bats and mice by using one of those plug-in sonic things that repels all kind of small rodents and even insects, but doesn't harm your pets (unless they're rodents too!) Safe, harmless and effective, it emits a sound that makes them uncomfortable, so they leave.
  8. I know I'll probably regret asking this, but here goes anyway....what is "SHART?"
  9. Thanks for the explanation, Ms. " Lousiana Redneck!"
  10. That is so sweet! Sara (my daughter who is now 23) first sentance was, "No mommy, NOW!"
  11. What is 'jug fishing?' Someone please explain it to this yankee.
  12. I've never heard of this store, so I guess I will be there on Saturday to check it out! Is it a thrift store or new goods?
  13. THIS is exactly was going to say...everyone doesn't NEED cigarettes everyone doesn't NEED alcohol but EVERYONE NEEDS FOOD!!! There is the 'hole' in the logic of this entire issue. Cigs & beer are optional to maintain life...food is not.
  14. Congrats Mom, any loss is a cause to celebrate! I think I've been on a plateau for a while, but to be honest, I don't care. My goal is normal blood sugar, and that daily goal has been accomplished. The weight loss has been a fantastic side effect. I don't even own a scale! I was last weighed in April and I had lost 75lbs. I'm sure I've lost 5lbs since then, possibly more. Really, I've welcomed the chance to wear my clothes a little longer than 3 months. I've gone down 6 sizes and have had to replace my wardrobe twice. Goodwill is my FRIEND!!! LOL Trust me, I miss my rice and beans
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