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  1. And just so you know, we all as employees appreciate everything you all in the office do for us!
  2. Why blame Clark or Sam they did not call for the ambulance, the school did. Put the blame the right direction. And as far as the bill goes, you should break down the cost that is incurred for that ambulance including upkeep, insuarance,equipment paramedic, emt., the dispatcher to dispatch the call, etc. I understand it is a shocker but if you broke it down you would understand.Thank GOD your daughter was okay.
  3. Thank you sooooo much Pubby for helping to get this out! Please everyone watch when you go out for this child. He is very,very loved and I personally cannot stress how much danger this child is in. With everyone looking maybe we can bring him home.
  4. P.L. Aiken peacefully went home with jesus late friday evening, surrounded by family. Please keep his family in your prayers.
  5. Father shot 17 year old daughter!?! Why I cannot image. Prayers for this family, and society in whole.
  6. Lord I sure hope it was an accident. Praying for the family. Med 2 at lz
  7. Prayers to Joel's family. May he rest in peace. He made friends everywhere he went and will be missed.
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