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  1. I asked Subby's sister (atleast, I'm pretty sure it was his sister) if she would be interested in cleaning my house once a week since I'm now 26 weeks pregnant and honestly, dont have the 6 hours it takes me to drag my pregnant butt all over this house! By the time I get off work and take time to spend with my family, I just never had the time, or the energy for that matter, to clean it (especially the further I get into the pregnancy). Today, she cleaned it for the first time and it looks great! She really did a good job and my house smells so good! I just wanted to brag on her a bit, eve
  2. So sorry for your loss.My prayers are with the family.
  3. I wish so badly that I would have know you were there.I cant tell you enough how much of a blessing you were to us that day. You had a large part in me keeping my sanity that day and I know you did all that you could do. Ive been told that when a child dies that it is because he was too pure for this world and what he would have encountered so I just keep telling myself that he was saved from a lot of grief here on earth, even though it has caused so much grief to me and my family. Thanks again for all you and the doctors/nurses at Tanner did. You have one of the best emergency rooms I have ev
  4. Is this the same Betsy from the Emergency room at Tanner??
  5. Thank you Christy for making this a more well known subject.That is all the James and I are trying to do.
  6. We would love to be able to do that but we cant be involved in slander when it comes to something like this situation. We are just trying to give people all the info we possibly can so they know what to look for and what to make their pediatrician look for if needed.
  7. I James as his father want everyone to know this story. No one deserves this kind of torture when there were so many simple common ways to have detected and prevented this.
  8. James was misdiagnosed to have a common cold when actually he had RSV which is a much more serious virus. The virus could have been detected with a simple swab of the mucus in his nose, but i guess that was too much to ask.
  9. I had no idea you were on here either. I appreciate all of your support and I cant blame Heather for not coming. James and I have been talking a lot lately and actually feel closer to each other since this happened. I have a few weeks off before we go back to work so I know that we will get better together.Thanks again for all the prayers and keep my mom in mind too. She is still taking it very hard since James used to stay with her daily. Yes, we still have not even tackled the room.To be honest,I dont know when I will but it will not be anytime soon. We have just kind of closed the
  10. This is just awful. What is wrong with people these days??!!!!! So sorry for the loss to this family.
  11. Thank you Amanda, I know you would have been there if you could.I also appreciate all of the postings from your parents and Lauren. It means a lot to us. Most of all, I need to make sure ya'll understand that my mom is hurting just as much as me and needs all of the love and support that your family can offer her.
  12. Thank you so much Madea. I am so sorry to hear about your son as well. I definetly can understand what you went through and are still going through even today. It is a hard journey and there may come a time when I will need to lean on someone (whether I know them or not ) so I appreciate your support and love.
  13. Thanks so much Sandra. It is good to hear from someone I know personally outside of family who shows their concern. This site has helped me grieve more than anything and I think god that someone told me about the thread that was started on here. It has been really hard and me and James are just amazed at the amount of support we have read on here. We had a hard day today but I immediately came home tonight and logged on so I could read the posts of support from everyone and let everyone know how much they have helped.
  14. Please do share this with your family. I want everyone to know about this problem and about the doctors who seem to just want your money and dont want to bother checking out other possibilities that are out there. Our pediatrician never even mentioned the possibility of something more than a common cold and sinus infection. NO breathing treatments, no xrays (which would have shown the hole in his lungs), no test of his oxygen intake....NOTHING!!! Remember to always hug your children every day and tell them how much you love them because I can no longer do that and it breaks my heart every day
  15. Well the funeral was today and I have finally gotten thru most of the worst of everything.Thanks to all of you who came.Clark funeral home was packed and everybody who went to the funeral also went to the burial which meant so much to me and James.We are now both sitting here in our living room looking around at everything we still have left to do (clean his room, donate his things, organize what we are going to keep,call insurance company etc...). The first thing I wanted to do was to get on here and thank all of you as well as Clark Funeral Home. They are the best people to deal with when yo
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