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  1. Do you have other baked goods in the store like breads?


    We do have other things, like cupcakes, brownies, apple fritters, cinnabuns, homemade cookies, etc. And we do make bread, but only by special order. Our breads do not have all the preservatives in them like breads you buy at a grocery store, so we don't want to have them in the bakery for 2 or 3 days before someone buys them. We can make french, Italian, wheat, kaiser rolls, sub rolls, and white breads. Just call the day before and we can have it ready for you in 24 hours.

  2. THANK YOU LPPT for posting the pics. One day I am going to figure out how to do it myself. lol.




























    Thank you! We make cakes and pies and cupcakes and lots of other goodies, for all occasions. My fav occasion is Tuesday. lol. Stop by sometime!

    Wow, those are some beautiful cakes. I don't have a graduate right now, but I'm sure I can think of a multitude of reasons just to have a cake from FCB and they are right up the road from me.

  3. Is someone you know graduating soon?

    Kindergarten, middle school, high school, or college?

    Celebrate the occasion with a moist, delicious cake from


    Our cake prices start at $20 and go up from there.

    A personalized 1/4 sheet cake decorated to YOUR specifications

    that will feed 20 is only $29.50

    Tiered cakes start at $65.00

    Let your graduate know how proud you are of them!

    Call or come by soon!

  4. ANNOUNCEMENT-We will open late tomorrow 1:00pm -Wednesday, March 28th. In the pursuit of the best, highest quality ingredients to use in our baked goods, we are going to a food show...it is also a lot of fun for us. haha. We will be at the bakery at 1pm ready to serve you! Please tell your family and friends.

    Stop by and try our Pina Colada, Lemon Song, Or Sunshine of your Love Cupcakes. They are so fresh and perfect for springtime.

  5. We have our amazing CHICKEN SALAD for lunch today. Served on a flaky, buttery croissant. $5.95

    we also have CHICKEN & VEG PASTIES, (like a really good chicken pot pie in a pastry) &


    and our POPEYE PASTRIES. (spinach and ricotta in a flaky pasty) $2.75

    Our soup is CRAWFISH ETOUFEE, served over rice. MMMMM, MMM! $4.50

    and don't forget dessert!


    fresh, homemade cookies,

    cream cheese brownies,



    and much more!

    Come see us, celebrate the GROOVY things in life!

  6. No grapes or large pieces of nuts in ours. it is all diced, has chicken breast only, a little onion, celery, pecans, spices, etc in it. It is not a "chunky" chicken salad. Stop by and I will give you a sample.



    Does your Chicken Salad have grapes & nuts in it???? We can't find Chicken Salad now a days without it. We like some goood Rotisserie Chicken Salad.

  7. THANK YOU! We weren't going to continue making them after the holidays were over, but we've had several people keep asking for them.



    OMG I was just in there and gotten your last two chocolate cover cherries and they are the best C.C.C ever. I'm so in love. I'll be back for more lol




  8. Just want to let everyone know, WE WILL BE OPEN

    FROM 2:00-7:00PM MONDAY, the 13th.

    (Usually we are closed on Mondays)

    So if you need cookies or cupcakes or want to pick up some sweets for your sweeties, stop on by the best bakery in Paulding County!

    We are celebrating the groovy things in life,

    and showing people you love them on Valentine's Day is GROOVY!


  9. In the mood for strawberry? We have STRAWBERRY SWISS ROLL, STRAWBERRY CUPCAKES, CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES W/STRAWBERRY ICING, CHOCOLATE DIPPED STRAWBERRIES, AND SO MUCH MORE. Don't forget your sweeties on Valentine's Day. Who needs chocolates that were made and boxed months ago when you can get fresh baked goods and dipped cherries, strawberries and cheesecake truffles locally? Stop by and see us and celebrate the groovy things in life!

  10. Oh suuuuure make new cupcakes when I'm trying to loose weight. LOL


    BTW, do you have a website. I'm starting to do my research for my daughter's 18th birthday in August (yes, I'm a planner LOL)


    We don't have a website yet, but do have a facebook page with lots of pictures on it. https://www.facebook.com/FlourChildCakery

    Thanks for all the comments. And we really are not trying to offend anyone, Agent Orange cupcakes are selling like crazy, though. I guess good taste is winning out over a bad name. lol

  11. I was wondering the same thing, but I didn't bring it up.


    My cousin was contaminated with Agent Orange in VietNam.


    The name has bothered me all day.

    So sorry if it bothered you. We name all of our cupcakes after songs or bands. A group called Agent Orange has a version of the Get Smart theme

    and Depeche Mode did a beautiful instrumental called Agent Orange http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHxiaxV8QOM&feature=related. I was thinking more "secret agent" since it is a rich chocolate cupcake infused with orange. We also entertained the names Clockwork Orange and Orange Blossom Special, but neither seemed to fit,


    let me know when you get 'em ready! I like the coke cake too. :)


    Will do!

  12. I just wanted to say thank you for the Thomas The Train cake it was such a good cake. It was one of the best cakes I have had in a while.


    It is so nice of you to let us know! Hope the birthday boy was happy! lol


    You have GOT to keep peanut butter cupcakes in stock. It's critical for me to become a "regular"





    Also, the peanut butter cake you threw together for me the other week was a HUGE hit! In fact, quite a few people asked me today where I got it! I think they'll be hitting you up for upcoming birthdays!!


    You know, I was thinking today that we needed to make some Peanut Butter cupcakes! So glad the cake was a hit!

  13. Come check out our new cupcakes:

    AGENT ORANGE-a chocolate cupcake infused with natural orange flavor, filled and topped with a light orange buttercream with a swirl of chocolate ganache on top! aaaannnnnd

    PINK Is MY FAVORITE COLOR-a bright pink cupcake made with buttermilk, topped with pink icing and rolled in pink sugar. Topped with a pink fondant flower!

    We sold out of French Onion soup yesterday, but will have homemade beef vegetable today! And our delicious sandwiches! Oh, and Scottish Pete made a big batch of his SAUSAGE ROLLS!

  14. After going to a couple of bridal shows last year, I know what you mean! Some have gimmicks to get your information, but don't give you any idea of what their prices are. And some of the cakes were beautiful, but when I tasted the samples I was appalled! I hate to see people taken advantage of, and some vendors know that people will spend more on their wedding and WILL mislead. Like you said, organize and watch out! And enjoy. I love going to the shows. lol. But then, I love anything to do with weddings.

  15. Just got home from the bakery, Caleb and I were doing prep work for tomorrow. He is making his incredible FRENCH ONION SOUP ( I can't wait to eat a bowl of it for lunch tomorrow) and WHITE CHICKEN CHILI for our soups this week, and we will still have our yummy wraps, croissants and sandwiches!

    oh, and don't forget dessert! lol

  16. Yes we do! We make almost any kind of cake you can imagine. From simple to very big and complex. We have made a couple of Thomas the Train cakes before. Check out pictures on our FB page to get an idea of our work. Our cake artist are amazing! But, if you find a pic online, we can almost always replicate it. Feel free to call me. I will be at the bakery from 11 to 7 today, 10-5 tomorrow. :o) https://www.facebook.com/FlourChildCakery?ref=ts



    Do you make Children Cakes I am looking to have a Thomas the train Cake made for my son for his 2nd B Day




  17. Do you have a special event coming up in the next week or so?

    We have a CAKE SPECIAL going on now.

    A 1/4 Sheet Cake which has 18-24 servings depending to how you cut it)

    for only 20.00!

    Your choice of chocolate or vanilla, iced with our delicious

    homemade buttercream.

    Give us your occasion and tell us about the person it is for and let our decorators make it special!

    Your choice of decoration can be added for a little more.

    See the difference FRESH makes. Order your cake from us!

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