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  1. I am late to the party, but I just wanted to say, increased hunger is a symptom of too much insulin in the body, and insulin resistance. It basically means, your body thinks it is starving, because your cells are not absorbing the insulin properly. Some people even lose a lot of weight at this stage. A friend would literally be so hungry, we had to stop and get her a hamburger on the way out to eat dinner. The best way to control that kind of hunger and your blood sugar is to eat something every 2 hours. Preferably a combination of protein and carbs. And if your blood sugar level is below 70 you should immediately drink juice or something to raise it. Wait a few minutes and check it again. Low blood sugar can be just as dangerous as high blood sugar. It seems like you may be on too much medication. JMO. it is hard for some people to get your blood sugar under control once you have problems with it. The best thing you can do is eat something small every 2 hours and walk 30 mins a day. And check your blood sugar levels at least 4 times a day and chart them to see what affects you most.

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  2. http://www.felixsfishcamp.com/menu.html Mobile, AL-BEST food and service I have EVER had.


    http://www.gumbeauxs.com/ in Douglasville. My family loves it.


    The Magic Pan, Cumberland mall, Ga. No longer in business. But their Crepe St Jacques, Spinach Souffle, Orange Almond Salad and Strawberry Crepe made with brown sugar and real whipped cream was a thing of beauty!


    Paula Deen's buffet in Harrah's casino in Tunica. The food was all delicious.



  3. Do you have other baked goods in the store like breads?


    We do have other things, like cupcakes, brownies, apple fritters, cinnabuns, homemade cookies, etc. And we do make bread, but only by special order. Our breads do not have all the preservatives in them like breads you buy at a grocery store, so we don't want to have them in the bakery for 2 or 3 days before someone buys them. We can make french, Italian, wheat, kaiser rolls, sub rolls, and white breads. Just call the day before and we can have it ready for you in 24 hours.

  4. THANK YOU LPPT for posting the pics. One day I am going to figure out how to do it myself. lol.




























    Thank you! We make cakes and pies and cupcakes and lots of other goodies, for all occasions. My fav occasion is Tuesday. lol. Stop by sometime!

    Wow, those are some beautiful cakes. I don't have a graduate right now, but I'm sure I can think of a multitude of reasons just to have a cake from FCB and they are right up the road from me.

  5. Is someone you know graduating soon?

    Kindergarten, middle school, high school, or college?

    Celebrate the occasion with a moist, delicious cake from


    Our cake prices start at $20 and go up from there.

    A personalized 1/4 sheet cake decorated to YOUR specifications

    that will feed 20 is only $29.50

    Tiered cakes start at $65.00

    Let your graduate know how proud you are of them!

    Call or come by soon!

  6. ANNOUNCEMENT-We will open late tomorrow 1:00pm -Wednesday, March 28th. In the pursuit of the best, highest quality ingredients to use in our baked goods, we are going to a food show...it is also a lot of fun for us. haha. We will be at the bakery at 1pm ready to serve you! Please tell your family and friends.

    Stop by and try our Pina Colada, Lemon Song, Or Sunshine of your Love Cupcakes. They are so fresh and perfect for springtime.

  7. We have our amazing CHICKEN SALAD for lunch today. Served on a flaky, buttery croissant. $5.95

    we also have CHICKEN & VEG PASTIES, (like a really good chicken pot pie in a pastry) &


    and our POPEYE PASTRIES. (spinach and ricotta in a flaky pasty) $2.75

    Our soup is CRAWFISH ETOUFEE, served over rice. MMMMM, MMM! $4.50

    and don't forget dessert!


    fresh, homemade cookies,

    cream cheese brownies,



    and much more!

    Come see us, celebrate the GROOVY things in life!

  8. No grapes or large pieces of nuts in ours. it is all diced, has chicken breast only, a little onion, celery, pecans, spices, etc in it. It is not a "chunky" chicken salad. Stop by and I will give you a sample.



    Does your Chicken Salad have grapes & nuts in it???? We can't find Chicken Salad now a days without it. We like some goood Rotisserie Chicken Salad.

  9. THANK YOU! We weren't going to continue making them after the holidays were over, but we've had several people keep asking for them.



    OMG I was just in there and gotten your last two chocolate cover cherries and they are the best C.C.C ever. I'm so in love. I'll be back for more lol




  10. Just want to let everyone know, WE WILL BE OPEN

    FROM 2:00-7:00PM MONDAY, the 13th.

    (Usually we are closed on Mondays)

    So if you need cookies or cupcakes or want to pick up some sweets for your sweeties, stop on by the best bakery in Paulding County!

    We are celebrating the groovy things in life,

    and showing people you love them on Valentine's Day is GROOVY!


  11. In the mood for strawberry? We have STRAWBERRY SWISS ROLL, STRAWBERRY CUPCAKES, CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES W/STRAWBERRY ICING, CHOCOLATE DIPPED STRAWBERRIES, AND SO MUCH MORE. Don't forget your sweeties on Valentine's Day. Who needs chocolates that were made and boxed months ago when you can get fresh baked goods and dipped cherries, strawberries and cheesecake truffles locally? Stop by and see us and celebrate the groovy things in life!

  12. You can preorder if you like or just drop in. We will have them ready and if you like I will set one aside for you. Our hours are Tues-Friday 11am-7pm and Sat from 10am -5pm. We are usually closed Sunday and Monday. However, with it being a holiday, we will be at the bakery Monday afternoon anyway, baking for Tuesday, so I will probably turn the OPEN sign on just in case anyone wants to pop in. Or if they want to order cookies or cupcakes for their kids' class. Or to take something to their office on Tues.


    OK, that I can do, Hubby LOVES red velvet cupcakes. Do we need to pre-order or just drop in?

    What are your hours?



    A baby.....YAY!!!! Tubes tied.....YAY!!! I hope all goes well!


    me too!

  13. Noooooo, don't ignore Valentine's Day-just make it better. Why spend $4 on a card, when you can stop by the bakery and get a very tasty "I love you?" We will have a single Piece of My Heart Red Velvet Cupcake in a clear container, tied with a red ribbon for only $2.00. We will also have mini cheesecakes and heart shaped cakes, cookies and more. I love Valentine's Day. There are so many wonderful people in my life that I like to say "I love you" to. My daddy, who always remembered me growing up with a small heart shaped box of chocolates, my kids, my hubby. It will be our 30th anniversary! We never spend much money, but we do try to make it a special night. We go out to eat, alone, or sometimes with my whole crazy family! Life is too short-I plan on enjoying and taking advantage of every moment to be happy and "feel the love."


  14. I've been there once. What I got was good, but I live in Hiram and they're waaay out my way to visit regularly.





    I'll send you a PM with specifics. I worded it that way to make it clear that while *I* didn't care for the item, others might like it. There's no way to suit everyone, especially where food is concerned. ;)


    Thank you for letting me know. At least I know it was not anything wrong, just not something you liked. :o)


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