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  1. He admits to killing him...I'm not sure what you think I'm making up?





    Is my computer leaving out a couple of o's now and then mrnn? Look he commited a crime no doubt. You are supposed to shoot first then call the police, just make sure you call before anyone else. We all know that LE would have shown up and de-escalated the situation by telling Mr. Zimmerman thanks, but please let us do our job, you go home and leave the street urcheons alone.

  2. Uhm so if he is innocent of murder why do you say he will get what he deserves by being charged with murder. Oh second degree, I see life in prison with elible parole instead of life without. I have called the cops before on blatant criminal activity just for them to say uhh can't do anything. Maybe a few more Zimmermans would make those Hiram bank robbers think twice.





    Sorry this was in response toPostman

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  3. This could quite possibly be the absolute worst analogy I've read in quite some time. Very impressive.


    Zimmerman killed a man. He's not some "innocent person" until a court of law says he was innocent.






    We all know that "innocent until proven guilty" is b.s. And you are right poor analogy, it only took one person to accuse during those trials. Do the crowds yelling crucify him sound more like the truth. He was fine until enough people cried to the media.

  4. Been wondering for a few weeks now. After the elections can I pull up all of the candidates signs on public land and return them to the candidates residence. It disturbs me greatly to see leftover signs all over the place. And people please take your yard sale sign down when it is over, I am tired of driving to phantom yard sales.

  5. Does Salem Village, Mass. about the year of 1692-93, sound familiar. For those of you who are under 30 years old and publicly eduacated, a bunch of people stated accusing others of being witches and pretty soon witch hunts were taking place and innocent people were murdered for the sake of making the masses of people happy. This is nothing but a witch hunt, I hope that the Zimmereman family fares well and that Mr. Zimmereman gets a fair trial like the guy who beat the crap out of that Priest in California.

  6. Well I might not have a sign posted but if you leave a few empty .308 cartridges and a handful of .45 with one or two 12 gauge shells laying around the front porch most people take you telling them to leave pretty serious. Also helps keep the daughters boyfriends in line.

  7. Its mandated that we send our children to school, and we're required to pay taxes into the school system. The way I see it, school supplies are just a clever way to make us pay taxes twice on the same thing. If my child is required to pay for supplies so attend mandatory school, those supplies are a tax. Incredibly, when you buy the supplies you're taxed again in the form of sales tax. Pretty good racket if you ask me.

    Very good point. And if the schools need copy paper and such than they need to stop printing personal things.I will not send anything to a public school for their own use.I pay taxes and maybe the pta should by the teachers their necessities instead of catering lunches and bagels with cream cheese.I want my voucher so my children can get educated and not indoctrinated. Save the mild brain washing for the military.oh yeah I will be donating some school supplies for the children in need.

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  8. Holy crap, are people serious. You pass judgement and do not know the circumstances. Maybe she did try to help him in school, he might have decided not to help himself. And 3 years is too much. It was a stupid thing to do, but just the other day some other idiots got only5 years for beating an homosexual down. The law thinks a rat's life is worth three fifths of a gay person. This country is screwed up and the tree hugging occupy my parks liberal &@!? for brains that have never lived without their moms teat in their mouth make it where we must question our every action in hopes that the da does not catch wind we did not wash our hands after tinkling.

  9. I do not give to everyone, but I do give when the Lord speaks unto my heart. I find it shameful of people when they question publicly whether or not one is truly in need. I personally believe that one's feelings about anothers true motivation should be kept to themselves and not talked about in such manners. If you do not give so be it, but do not try to slander this man by making presumptive statements about a situation in which you haven't a clue.


    For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me, naked and you clothed me, ill and you cared for me, in prison and you visited me.'


    Then the righteous will answer him and say, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink?


    When did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you?

    When did we see you ill or in prison, and visit you?'


    And the king will say to them in reply, 'Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me."

    Matthew 25:35-40

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  10. You missed the feistiness, LGM. And also the um, pants tragedy. Thank god the news caught that bit!!!

    Also, for the peolpe who brought water, sandwiches, hugs, prayers, donations...I'm not sure if we thanked you properly. We were all a bit overwhelmed and shell shocked yesterday.

    For those that tried to make a buck, or cart off "free shiit" eff you too.



    Well nc-17 Must have pissed you off. The truth hurts. And no doubt you are the same person that makes me late to work by driving by an accident on the opoposite side of the road trying to get a glimpse of an uninvited tragedy. Or maybe yoiu were the dipwad who continued trying to get home while I was the only civilian working a vehicular homicide in austell a couple of myears ago and getting zero help from the onlookkers. So I might be a dumbdick but I dang sure don't care if you are pissed off because the truth hurts.

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  11. We've got the salvagable remains of one of the houses from southern trace inside our garage. Three truckloads of clothes, shoes, pictures, and baby items in rubber maid totes and trash bags. Everything is soaked and we are still shaking insulation out of the clothes.

    And to all of those who rode by and took pictures? Eff you!!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves.



    Well I can definetly understand everyones feelings of being a target of media and curiosity, I just wonder how many of you stay glued to the business of others e.g. Lindsay Lohan, Whitney Houston, and all of the other ""stars" whom are hounded by the public. Now the spotlight is on someone elses tragedy and people are feeling like sideshow acts at the carnival.

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