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  1. Does anyone know anything about the Paulding Forest WMA? Can you shoot out there & if you can what kind of license do you have to have? Does it have to be hunting season to shoot out there? I just got a new shotgun & I'm trying to find places that I can go shoot it around here.
  2. I'm really not trying to be too nosy. I'm just curious. I've driven past it for years but have never taken it upon myself to find out any information about it. I heard the owner built it for his daughter, and that's all I really know. It seems like that's all everyone else knows, too.
  3. I know about the house that has the lions on the top of it. I'm not talking about that one.
  4. Do you know where I can find the forums on this topic? I searched and I couldn't seem to find anything.
  5. I am just so curious about it, does anyone know what it is? I'm not talking about the mansion looking one close to crossroads with the lions, that almost looks like a mafia house. I'm talking about the one inbetween the two entrances of Frey RD with lake that kind of looks like a cathedral? Anyone have any history on this house? It looks like they've been doing construction on this house for quite some time.
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