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  1. Could this be your man?



    hi my name is shawn, i have recently got evicted i have all my power tools for sale a big air compressor ,pressure washer ,chainsaws ,gas powered blowers, electric blowers ,a tiller , dewault drills every kind you can think of, some of my tools arent even opened battery chargers nail guns jump starters battery tenders,i also have air gun accessoriees tool boxes with wheels, i also have a 32 colt mfg for sale a revolver for 100 with a nice case! looking to sale this stuff asap i need the money! i can be reached at 6788879119 anytime day or night!!



  2. My wife has 8 pairs of scrubs for sale. Scrub tops are size L with 2- XL because of cut. Pants are Large and some are drawstring. $5 each or $35 for all. PM me with an email address and I can attach a pic for you so that you can see colors and patterns. Pic I have is to large for here, and I am not to computer savvy.

  3. $3 a piece or $25 for all-Rescue Dawn, Castaway, Man on the Moon, Joy Ride, Bringing Down the House, Desperado, Final Destination, Big Mommas House, Bean, Big Daddy, Dodgeball, Hulk (Eric Banna) Eurotrip

  4. I am a contruction/landscaping equipment mechanic(Small tool, Dingos, trenchers, aerators, chippers, plate tamps etc.) Have worked for Sunbelt Rentals and United Rentals. Getting frustrated b/c companies are either telling me I am over qualified (which is funny) or they are hiring lazy people who just want a paycheck and not work, while there are HARD workers stressing for work. Only jobs I am finding in my career field are on the far east side of Atlanta. Can't afford that drive. Any ideas greatly appreciated.

  5. Hello members my name is Chris Jankowski. I am posting on her because my wife and I are in need of full time jobs. We have been applying and applying with no luck so I was told by a friend to post on here to see if anyone out there had or knew connections. I worked for Sunbelt Rentals as a small equipment mechanic in NC before moving to GA last year and then with United Rentals in Fairburn GA for 6 months last year before getting hurt and not having a job when released back to work by doctor. My wife is looking for a clerical position. She was an administrative assistant for the President of a major steel company in NJ before moving south. It is cracking my up that we are being told that we are over qualified for jobs. Never heard that before. Tired of our kids having to deal with our stress. If anybody knows of anything I can be emailed at kcjankowski@comcast.net


    Thank You



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