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  1. i am sorry to hear bout this i experience this myself but my son was only 6 1/2 months old he died from a crib . i give my simpithy cuz i know how it is to loose a child ..
  2. very sad to hear . i know how it feels to loose a child. i dont know how i am going on with out my son. i miss him everyday. they are in my prayers.
  3. thanks u guys so much for ur help i knew that p.com would be there for me in the worst time ever .
  4. i am so sorry for ur lost i want to talk to people who have gone threw this cuz they know. yes i know its so hard to get threw the happiest holiday without him. he didnt get to see his first xmas. he passed away on our one year anniversary . its hard to cuz my birthday is nov 9 my husbands was the 26 his dads was the 23 . i am trying to be happy because he was the most happiest baby ud ever find he woke up smiling he went to be smiling thats if i was holding him we had just started to get him to sleep on his own it tore my heart to pieces the first night we did it i spoiled him he fell aslee
  5. hello again this is the mom of the infant edward millwood. its so hard to go on with out my little boy . but i have notice that since he passed it has been such a pretty week its been sunny warmer than it should be. i see that as my little angel is up there trying to make us happy . i talk to him when i sit outside . i am gonna start writing a journal to him . it will help me. i never thought i would loose something i cherished everyday. but it will be hard ill get threw this with the help of my husband and his sister her husband .
  6. hey everyone i am the mother of the infant enward thomas millwood and i greatly appreciate all of the prayers and if u came to say ur blessing it means alot ot us. he was almost 7m come the 29 he was the happiest little boy i could of have he loved people he loved attention. he started to learn to schoot backwards. instead of crawling he wanted to walk he wanted to get around. he was my little fat man but thank you very much u guys are in our hearts .
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