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  1. I also get mine in my email, and on my facebook, so I see them daily, but have not seen a single thing I can use thus far. I will keep looking though.
  2. I am not fond of groupon. All the coupons are from Atlanta, and I don't go to Atlanta.
  3. If I can make a suggestion, go to www.carecredit.com See if you qualify for an account with them. They will do 18 months same as cash, and it's a revolving account. You will find out immediately if you are approved. It's absolutely great. When myself or my kids need some dental work, I get it done, and pay down on it some, and go back for the next round.
  4. Uh oh! I am in sooooo much trouble now.
  5. S.T.A.M.P.


    My co-worker was stuck in the traffic. Saw the guy on the stretcher, and the crotch rocket on the ground, and the concrete truck. He could not tell the condition of the guy.
  6. S.T.A.M.P.


    Yep. Crotch rocket and concrete truck.
  7. I guess I got to be the one. I hope his day gets better. I know he is having it really rough right now.
  8. I posted this on FB for Mark. He is the biggest Golden Girl fan I know.
  9. I just added in A Friendly Geek. He has donated a $50 gift certificate
  10. Here is what we have so far for the March Against Meth I*DO*THOSE*PARTIES will be setting up a booth and giving an amazing basket for the raffle donation. DALLAS DANCE will be performing, setting up a booth, and giving a basket/gift cert. for the raffle. FIT U will be giving a gift certificate or two for the raffle. HICKORY HUT will be giving two $20 gift certificates for the raffle. A FRIENDLY GEEK - $50 gift cert. for the raffle CORNERSTONE CHIROPRACTIC will be setting up a booth. C. MARK WILLIX will be setting up a vendors booth. This is just the beginning
  11. Local girl is "Brooke" in the GaMeth project radio ad. When you hear "Brooke" on the radio, please know that she is a Paulding girl and she's talking about MICHELLE LAWRENCE, a Hiram teen murdered by METH and people she thought were her friends. Her friends watched her overdose and did nothing except dump her body after she was dead. Whatever your talents, please use them to educate eachother about this killer drug!!
  12. No I didn't until now. The picture does not do it justice. It is absolutely beautiful!! And the dances they will be teaching are the Salsa, Mamba and Tango. I think there was one more, but I cannot remember what it is.
  13. See there LPPT. You leave your desk to help support a good cause and this is what you get in return. LOL THANK YOU SO MUCH for going and getting the donation from Criterion and meeting me with it this afternoon. I always love talking with you, and so glad you are coming tomorrow night. We are going to have a great time! On a second note: THANK YOU CRITERION for your GREAT donation! Thank you too Anita!
  14. Pak n Pink has just donated a hand crafted bracelet!! This is going to be the best raffle table yet!! You guys are so great!
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